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What is a vape store in Warrawong?

by Ethan more
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When you go out to smoke and your lungs feel like they’re about to burst, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as switching from tobacco to vaping. A few clicks of the switch and that nasty habit becomes something else entirely — an indulgence your body appreciates and can benefit from.

How do you find a vape store in Warrawong?

Flicking through the pages of a local phone directory looking for a “vape store” is not the most efficient way to find one, but it’s better than nothing. We have compiled a list of vape store in Warrawong, NSW (just some of which may be listed below). If you find your local vape shop from our list, please let us know by leaving feedback and comment so we can improve our listing. Alternatively, check out this article: Vaping and finding a vape shop.

The health case for switching from tobacco to vaping

Have you heard about the health risks associated with vape store in Warrawong? Heart disease, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral arterial disease, and erectile dysfunction. The list goes on. Did you know that people who smoke are 450 times more likely to get mouth cancer than non-smokers? It’s scary stuff! In addition to these illnesses and conditions associated with smoking, even the process of smoking itself is unhealthy — cigarettes cause the blood vessels to constrict, making it harder for your body to get oxygen and nutrients around. Smoking also causes a chemical called cotinine, which can build up in your tissues and blood (and your urine) over time.

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But is vaping any healthier than smoking? 

According to the Royal College of Physicians, yes. The ‘elephant in the room’, as they put it, is that nicotine itself is not particularly harmful it’s pretty much harmless. Cigarettes are bad because they lead to smoking; they act as a conduit for all the bad things associated with tobacco vape store in Warrawong, but it’s the smoke that’s causing all the damage. Vaping on the other hand involves no combustion of any kind and therefore none of those harmful by-products.

Vaping is the future of smoking

“[Vaping] is the future of smoking… to make it safer and easier, both physically and mentally,” says Professor Konstantinos Farsalinos, who conducted a study into e-cigarettes. “It’s not healthy to smoke tobacco cigarettes. We have thousands of studies that show that.” The health benefits of switching to vaping are already evident. Take a look at the infographic below, created by an executive at eCigaretteDirect.com — it contains some interesting statistics concerning vaping’s safety and popularity:

Do you want to support vapers and vaping in Australia?

Vaping has helped many people quit smoking, or at least cut down and live healthier lifestyles. If you’re keen to support these people, start by writing your local MP and getting involved in organized campaigns. You can also start a blog and spread the word — and maybe even sell vaping accessories like e-juice, tanks, etc. Who knows — if you were an early adopter of this trend, you might just strike it rich!


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