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6 of the most important features of a hard cooler that are essential

by Radhe Gupta
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Coolers are critical for taking cold beverages on the road. Whether you plan to relax on the beach, go camping, or cover snack duty for your kid’s soccer game, keeping drinks cool with a high-quality cooler is essential. 

Not all coolers are the same, and price differences reflect the size of the cooler, its insulation capabilities, and how easily it can be transported from place to place.

Depending on your needs, the cooler you go with should have all the features you need to carry your items and make bringing the cooler with you as easy as possible. 

If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line hard cooler, here are six of the essential features to consider before purchasing! 

1. Prolonged Ice Retention Capability

People commonly expect coolers to stay cold all day. If you plan to be on the go for a while, you’ll need a hard cooler with prolonged ice retention capabilities. 

With the ability to keep drinks colder for longer, you won’t have to worry about lukewarm water or warm beer on a hot day! 

Coolers with extended ice retention times are great options for people who like to fish, as your catch will stay fresh for longer

2. A Hard Cooler With Pocket Features 

If you’ve planned an event and need to stow many items, you’ll need a hard cooler that can accommodate these things. 

If you arranged a picnic and need to take a basket, a cutting board, and a bottle opener with you, guess what- there are coolers on the market that can accommodate! 

3. Non-Skid Feet Features

If your cooler is heavy, you’ll need a way to carry it around without scuffing up the floor. Opt for a hard cooler with non-skid feet to make transportation a breeze. 

4. Hard Coolers with Locks 

Keeping your belongings safe inside your cooler should be a top priority. Look for hard coolers with multiple lock features to keep things squared away. 

5. Shoulder Strap Coolers 

If you need to keep your hands free, get a cooler with a shoulder strap. Coolers with straps are perfect for those hiking to a destination place or camping outdoors. 

Parents on the go also need their hands free to push baby strollers and hold their kids’ hands as they walk; these parents would also benefit from shoulder strap coolers. 

6. A Large-Interior Cooler

Remember that most coolers have dual sizing; the outside is larger than the inside. If you need a medium-sized hard cooler to store your belongings, look for coolers that appear larger on the outside.  

If the outside of the cooler is medium-sized, the inside will be smaller. Always go the next size up to ensure you have enough room to store all your items. 

Get A Cooler That Meets Your Needs

Consider the above six essential features of hard coolers the next time you’re in the market for a new cooler. Remember to account for the volume you’ll be carrying before deciding on the best cooler. 

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