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Animation and video production:

by Vinay Kumar
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Animation and video have one thing in common that in both of them the object is always kept in motion following the subject or story. But they both differ in their working conditions as animation manages with the creative background and video deals with the recording done in reality and the real world. 

Start of animation:

Video animation production started on 20th July 1887 in France. French cartoonist, Émile Cohl, the father of animation created Fantasmagorie, the first anime with the help of illuminated glass plates. Although now animation has exceeded the limits of only drawing and sketching. You can easily create an animated movie with the use of a few advanced technological types of equipment. Earlier when Walt Disney greatest creation ‘Mickey mouse’ came on screen. At that time we can see the glimpse of colourful video animation production with classical music used in the background. 

They were filled with various sceneries and had a beautiful way of describing the story. But behind the scene, the story was different because each scene or each movement in the story required one complete reel to capture the movement the expression everything. It is completely different from what we do now. But the basics remains the same at those times video animation production creators depended upon the rough outline of the subject and now they are not rough outlines but a complete drawing of the figure which is later converted into a model and used in the series.

The term ‘Animation’ has its roots in Latin which describes it as ‘bestowing of life’. 

Ways to create an video animation production:

Following these procedures one can create an animation:

  • The most basic step in creating an video animation production program is to think about a story of any genre. An interesting story is a good way of attracting a person’s attention. Various people have various interests linked silence romance, detective, comedy, tragedy etc.
  • Create the characters according to the story and define them.
  • Make a list of things that are needed to make it complete. Animation does not always require drawings and sketches, they require something different to make their world magical. 
  • You have already figured out the type of video animation production you want to prepare. So start creating it with the video animation production program. Don’t worry about the changes that you make to make it suitable for the viewers’ attention.
  • Use the advanced software for combining the characters and the world. The interaction will allow the plot lines and story to work in a flow.
  • Prepare interesting dialogues which are going to match the character as per the situation. Think about the personality of the character and prepare the dialogues accordingly. Don’t make it serious, add some humour to the dialogue.
  • Provide a finishing touch to your anime by thinking about a good title that will be able to captivate people’s attention.
  • Decide the way through which you want to end the story. If you want to convert it into a series then end the story by adding suspense to it that will further give hints about the next series or chapter.
  • After finishing the video animation production share it with your family and friends to gather reviews about the production. They are the first people who will probably be able to verify the work without being bias.
  • After gathering positive reviews, create a social media site, blog or website for digital marketing. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, blog or website are brilliant in creating a buzz in the online market.
  • Find a publisher who is ready or excited about your work. Try to find someone who specializes in getting young artists started.
  • Participate in the competitions. Different types of film and writing-related competitions accept anime and send it to those competitions. This will be an alternate way of promoting your work.


Video animation production is the sum up of the creative world and bestowing life on it. It is an extraordinarily diverse world that has no end. It is also the shining wizard of every century. 

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