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Decentralized Finance Defined

by Radhe Gupta
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The Defi project is a new blockchain-based financial services ecosystem that will be decentralized and free from any form of interference or control by third parties. Defi is the first bank in the world to offer a fully digital, Oil Industry with no fees whatsoever. It aims to become an alternative to traditional banking, which has been seen as outdated for some time now. Defi on one hand has many perks of decentralization, yet it poses risks even to highly resourced investors.

DeFi explained!

“Democratizing finance” is the motto of DeFi applications. They aim to recreate traditional financial systems, such as banks and exchanges with cryptocurrency on Ethereum Blockchain-based networks that can be run without a central service exercising control over it all; this concept was first introduced by John Wu at Ava Labs who said “DeFi Apps operate ‘without a centralized service exercising complete authority in their system.”

With DiFi you could borrow cryptocurrency, like a traditional bank does with fiat currency; earn interest as both lender or borrower on these loans (depending upon which option best suits your needs); provide liquidity for decentralized exchanges by providing access to funds that would otherwise go unused at certain times of day when nobody wants them because their prices don’t change quickly enough compared against other pairs available within the platform’s trading interface – just two examples out among several hundred possibilities!

Traditional banks may not be able to compete on terms with blockchain-based lenders, and the barrier to entry for borrowing is far lower than it is with traditional banks.

However, this also means that users have less protection than those in a safer financial system because there’s no regulation on these platforms; they can’t afford any mistakes or fraud cases happening which would put their funds at risk!

Risk factors in DeFi

It is very important to realize that investing in DeFi is a high risk. When you invest, it might go up or down and sometimes it might go down quickly.

Here are some risk factors in Defi investments. Do your thorough research before opting in.

Tech risks

Smart contracts are the backbone of DeFi applications and are essential for their success. But if there’s an issue with one developer’s code, it could compromise security in other parts or even affect all blockchain networks because they rely on these smart contract functions being implemented correctly!

Volatile assets risk factor

Borrowing on DeFi applications is typically done by offering other crypto assets as collateral. For example, Maker requires borrowers to collateralize their loan 150% of the value at the minimum and uses fiat currency for baselines in case anything happens with cryptocurrencies’ values since they are so volatile these days.

Defaulter risk factor

The risk factors for DeFi loans are different from traditional banks. Unlike the safety net of an insurance company, there’s no one to regulate these transactions and hold borrowers accountable if they can’t pay back their loan in full – which could be a problem due to crypto volatility (and its lack thereof).

Experts say that you should only invest as much as you are willing/able to lose. You should always do research before buying into a cryptocurrency investment.

Pro tips for beginners

  • Understanding DeFi applications is important to make sure they are secure and well-audited
  • Put in the time to research an underlying network such as blockchain, protocol, or exchanges
  • Only choose a DeFi application that can handle heavy user demand without crashing and has affordable transaction fees
  • Make sure any bad news for one app won’t affect all other apps
  • Avoid applications that don’t publish their source code or respond to security issues raised on social networks and discussion boards
  • When unsure, trust your instincts or seek more technical members of the community with proven experience in reviewing software

What’s in store for DiFi?

New technology is bringing the world of finance into new territory. DiFi may be in its infancy, but there are limitless possibilities for what DeFi products and services could become as time goes on!

It will take patience to develop the DeFi ecosystem within the existing framework. But building a regulatory framework around this new world requires creativity and innovation.

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