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With GMB Now Gone, What Does It Mean for Local SEO?

by Aryan
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Google My Business was initially known as GPB (Google Places for Business). Currently, it has rebranded to Google Business Profile. Combined with local SEO, numerous businesses have gained from Google My Business. Currently, the main issue is that businesses are wondering what it means for SEO now that Google My Business is gone.

On the contrary, Google My Business (GMB) is still available but under a new name: Google Business Profile. Let us now look at what Google Business Profile has to offer before coming to a conclusion.

For starters, Google Business Profile has migrated the Google My Business (GMB) features to Google Search and Maps. The Google team also offers more support to directly manage business profiles in Google Maps and Search. The renaming was done with the sole aim of keeping things simple.

Since Google My Business is going away, what does it mean? Let’s learn more about how it affects healthcare practices. For starters, businesses should understand that Google wants to manage all the listings on Google Maps and Google Search directly through mobile apps or the web interface. For long, Google has allowed businesses to manage the listings in the search results or Google Maps. Currently, if your business has a single listing, you can manage it directly on Google Maps or Search. There is no need for the old console meant for Google My Business.

The current move by Google will help support large businesses with multiple locations. As you manage numerous locations for the business, the local SEO will manage different businesses, and the interface will be similar to the Google My Business Platform. Nonetheless, numerous changes will take place in the coming months.

New Features

Google is happy to announce there will be new features, and some of them include:

• Call history, and it will be accessible in Canada and US

• Claim and also verify the Google Business Profile in Google Maps and Google Search

• Message read receipts, and they can be controlled in Google Maps and Google Search

• Messaging directly from the Google Search Platform

How To Manage Your Business

You can search for the business name in Google Maps or Google Search for business. Also, you can use the search term “my business” in Google Search, and you’ll see the businesses that are verified and claimed. For instance, you can search for a medical practice offering plastic surgeries.

Performance Planner

Google Ads will allow you to plan local campaign budgets with the use of the performance planner. The performance planner helps create plans for the amount you’ll spend advertising. You can also see how changes to the campaigns will affect the overall performance and major metrics. The tool allows you to see the forecasts for the campaigns and explore outcomes through adjusting the campaign settings. You’ll also understand opportunities in seasonal periods while managing budgets across campaigns and accounts.

Some people confuse Google My Business, currently known as Google Business Profile, with SEO. The main focus, in this case, is on local SEO. We’ll look at both of these entities and how one complements the other. For starters. Google Business Profile and SEO and two ways to reach out to potential clients. SEO is evolving, and the practice is imperative. Nonetheless, Local SEO or Google Business Profile usually form some major aspects of the search.

The Differences Between Local SEO and Google Business Profile

Organic SEO

This is a practice meant to optimize business websites while ensuring they’re search-engine friendly and rank well for relevant or business-specific keywords. Organic SEO won’t necessarily include local elements considering it only revolves around the website. A website doesn’t need a geographical location unless the main focus is on local SEO.

Google Business Profile

Local SEO mainly focuses on building reliability while also gaining signals that are relevant around specific locations. The results that appear on Google Business Profile are relevant to a user present in a particular locality. The results can be labeled using reviews and customer ratings, among other important pieces of information such as directions, hours of operation, address, and phone number.

Generally, Google Business Profile is a place where the search engine will display results based on geographically related keywords and have been used in the search query.

Significant Differences Between SEO and Google Business Profile

As per the information above, you now understand the difference between Google Business Profile and SEO. We’ll now dig deeper into the major differences, and they include:

1. ‘Location’

Google Business Profile Listing:

The business is supposed to have a geographical component. For instance, when looking for car services, the search engine will direct you to all the relevant and trusted businesses within a particular location. In this case, we can use medical practices as an example. If you’re looking for an ENT, you’ll be directed towards businesses that are trustworthy.


SEO can or cannot target a particular geographical location. It considers location a factor; however, it cannot be attached to the local business. The organic search and the results are independent of the location. The results will be a mix of articles, businesses, news, blogs, and social media profiles.

2. How They Usually Target SERPs

Google Business Profile:

Local SEO focuses on getting into local listings. The businesses that have been listed have consistent citations at each place where potential clients are conducting their search, and it may be forums or niche directories.

Organic SEO:

SEO mainly focuses on ranking highly for specific keywords.

Final Thoughts

The announcement that Google My Business is gone had sent chills down the spines of numerous business owners. Fortunately, GMB is still around; the only difference is that rebranding took place, and it now goes by the name Google Business Profile. The new platform combines Google Maps and Google Search. With relation to local SEO, large businesses that have established their presence in different localities are set to gain further from the advancement to Google Business Profile.

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