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5 questions to ask your surgeon before getting chin liposuction

by Radhe Gupta

Being well informed about your chin liposuction procedure is very important. The information will help you ensure that you have reasonable expectations, are safe, and recover successfully after the procedure. The best way to learn more is by asking your surgeon the following five questions before you proceed with the surgery.

Are you experienced and certified?

You will feel safer in the hands of a surgeon who has extensive experience in chin liposuction. Therefore, ensure you ask your surgeon how many patients he has helped, if the surgeries were all successful, and whether they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to perform surgeries.

A well-experienced surgeon will also be able to determine whether you are a good candidate to undergo chin liposuction. Human beings are different, and this makes each case unique. If you have too much fat on your chin the results may not be visible, and if it’s too little, surgery may not be the best alternative. An experienced doctor will know what is best for you. See more about how to find a specialized doctor for chin liposuction.

What tools and techniques will be used?

The chin is a sensitive part of the body that contributes greatly to your facial beauty. It is important to know the tools and techniques your surgeon will use during the procedure to help you understand the procedure better. This will help put you at ease. Ask the surgeon to explain any terms you do not understand to help you prepare psychologically for the surgery.

You can take advantage of the meeting and ask the surgeon to show you the tools used and the steps they will take so that you do not get too nervous when you see the tools once you are wheeled into the surgery room.

How long is the procedure?

During chin liposuction, small incisions are made on your skin, and a cannula is inserted. This tool is attached to a suction device and together they aid in fat removal. Ask your surgeon how long you are expected to be in the surgery room. Anesthesia is used in the procedure, and therefore, ask what kind the surgeon will use and the expected effects once you leave the surgery room.

How do I prepare for a chin liposuction procedure?

The surgeon will provide instructions for dos and don’ts that you should adhere to before the surgery. They will also guide you on the medications you are not supposed to take at least three days before the procedure, such as aspirin.

Part of the preparation guidelines should include the cost of the procedure. The surgeon should inform you of the overall cost so that you can do the necessary preparations before the chin liposuction surgery. You should also inquire about the payment options offered by the institution to help you come up with a comfortable financial plan.

How much time do I need for recovery?

Recovery time varies based on people and the part of the body under surgery. Most people recover and return to their daily routines after a few weeks. It is wise to ask your surgeon so that you can plan your work schedule accurately.

Are you ready to get rid of the stubborn fat under your chin? Ask your surgeon the above questions to help you better prepare for chin liposuction.

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