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How To Move Long Distance

by Radhe Gupta
Move Long Distance

Packing your house for a move is a challenging task, whether you are moving a few hundred miles or flying to another continent. The most significant aspects of relocating are how you prepare and when you begin.

Even though long-distance and relocation sound like the perfect recipe for a nervous breakdown, they don’t have to be. Follow these steps to have a stress-free long-distance move.

Plan Ahead

Even if you’re just relocating to a neighboring city, there’s still a lot of planning to do.

To begin, make a basic timetable and stick to it. You should start planning for your move as soon as you know you might be moving, and ideally, that would be at least six to eight weeks before the relocation. The packing stage should come around three weeks prior to moving.

Make a list of everything that needs to be done for moving long distance and give specific dates and hours to each. You will feel more in control of the issue if you have a plan to follow.

Get all the paperwork going. Let USPS know about your move, as well as your employer and people you’re in contact with.

Make all essential and big decisions ahead of time and calculate a budget that you will stick to. 


Moving is a perfect time to get rid of all the clutter that’s going on in your home. It will be much easier to move with less stuff, plus it will allow you to have a fresh start at your new place. 

Sort all of the items that aren’t necessary or sentimental into three categories: keep, donate, and trash. Use the one year rule — don’t keep anything that you haven’t used or worn in the previous year. Or, you could use the Marie Kondo mantra — if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it!

Pack Strategically

Packing smart might be even more important than packing on time (even though you don’t wanna sacrifice either, for your sake).

Begin packing room by room, starting with the space that you use the least. For example, if you have your home-working space, but you’re on a long PTO, you may want to start from there, as you won’t be using your home office as much.

The same goes for packing items — start with those that you don’t need daily. If it’s summer, it’s a great idea to pack your winter clothes first.

Don’t forget to bring your overnight duffel bag, especially if you’re moving far away. It should contain all the necessities and toiletries you need until you get settled in your new place.

There’s a good risk that your belongings may be tossed around in boxes during long-distance moving, so it’s important to be very careful so that you don’t wind up with damaged items.

Make sure to place the heavier boxes at the bottom of the stack, and don’t overpack.

The boxes and containers should be taped tightly. Use moving belts and packing tape to fasten all the boxes once more if you are hiring a moving van to ensure that they don’t slide around during transport.

Protective coverings are needed for heavier things like beds and furniture to keep them clean and safe.

Hire Help

If you’re moving far away, you may need to hire a moving company. Full-service movers will pack, secure, and move all items for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. Of course, it can get pricey, but it all depends on your priorities.

Prior to signing any contract, do your homework and always ask for a price estimate first. You don’t want to be surprised when you receive your bill and discover all the additional expenses.

If you’d rather pack yourself and hire movers just to transfer your items, you can do that too. It’s a great option that saves a lot of money.

Once You’re Settled In

Once you arrive at your destination, make sure to unpack your boxes as quickly as possible to feel more at home. 

Taking a long-distance trip may be both exciting and stressful, depending on how well you plan it. Make this tedious and time-consuming process a breeze by following these simple steps.

After that, all that’s left is to explore your new city and enjoy the new beginning in your life!

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