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Double Sided Coins: A Fun Alternative

by Radhe Gupta
Double Sided Coins

Double sided coins are a great entry point to magic tricks. There are a limitless amount of tricks that you can perform with varying levels of difficulty. Further, you can find affordable magic coin sets that are not only double-sided, but sometimes even magnetic receptive — opening up even more potential magic tricks.

As an example, a simple trick might be winning coin tosses. Just keep a double-sided heads in one pocket, and a double-sided tails coin in the other — you’ll never lose a coin toss again.

But for more advanced magic coin illusions, you could incorporate sleight-of-hand. Have an audience member inspect a normal coin, only to magically turn it into a double-sided heads coin. Or, display that a normal coin isn’t magnetic receptive, let the audience member try for themselves. And switch the coin out for the magnetic-receptive counterpart.

Again, the possibilities are limitless, so we always recommend double-sided coins as the goto for budding or even advanced magicians.

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