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Importance of previous year question paper in JEE Mains

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JEE Main, one of the country’s most important entrance exams, allows students to apply for engineering courses at a few of the country’s top universities, such as NITs and IIITs. The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Main also serves as a prerequisite for the JEE Advanced, which is held for admission to IITs.

The preparation for an exam like JEE Main must be consistent and error-free. Every year, thousands of students compete to pass JEE Main to gain admission to prestigious engineering schools. To gain an advantage over the other students in the exam, one should look into JEE Main question papers with Solutions from prior years.

The Advantages of Solving Previous Year JEE Main Questions

The most important aspect of any preparation for a difficult entrance exam is to find out time-saving strategies, the pattern, and the level of questions that may be given, and to practice similarly.

When you practice questions from previous years’ question papers, you’ll get a good understanding of the types of questions that might be asked, the tactics that might be used, the marks distribution by topic, and so on. This helps you gain confidence and strategize how to best split your time and improve your performance.

There are numerous advantages to answering past year’s JEE Main papers, some of which are listed here.

1. Get to Know the Exam Pattern

Solving prior year’s papers allows students to become familiar with the marking scheme, JEE Main 2021 exam pattern, types of questions, chapter weightings, and other aspects of the exam. Students might also obtain a sense of reoccurring themes throughout time. Aspirants will be able to get a sense of the types of questions that are most likely to appear in the JEE Main.

When preparing for any entrance exam, the golden guideline is to thoroughly understand the exam pattern. It covers all of the key information regarding the exam, such as the length of the exam, the types of questions that will be asked, the total number of questions, and so on. Students can use prior year’s JEE Main question papers to acquire a feel for the actual test. They can recognize the pattern in which a question paper is designed while also strategizing how to respond to it.

2. Self-Assessment

The easiest way to assess JEE Main preparation is to look at the previous year’s papers. It assists students in identifying and improving their weak areas.

Candidates who are aware of their skills and weaknesses have a better chance of achieving good exam results. This enables them to understand how to approach the question paper. According to experts, knowing how to avoid negative grading is crucial for achieving high scores in JEE Main. Negative marking is frequently the result of careless errors, such as failing to read the questions attentively. As a result, solving previous year’s problems for JEE Main enables students to identify the areas in which they are underperforming.

3. The most effective revision tool

The easiest strategy to revise the full JEE Main syllabus is to solve the previous year’s question papers. Students might also have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, a thorough comprehension of topics boosts confidence; on the other hand, students can finish their studies by clearing up any remaining questions about weak themes.

4. Improve your time management skills.

The JEE Main question paper is divided into three sections. Once students begin solving papers, they will have a good notion of how much time each part will take. Students must use efficient time management to attempt the maximum number of questions accurately with only two minutes to solve each question. There is no other way to enhance time management during an exam but to practice as many papers as possible.

5. Boosts Accuracy and Speed

Practicing previous year’s papers, among other benefits, aids pupils in improving their speed and accuracy when answering questions. While completing questions from the previous year’s JEE Main examinations, candidates can discover new shortcut strategies. Students can benefit greatly from such strategies when it comes to solving Math and Physics problems, particularly numerical ones.

6. Boost your Confidence

Finally, applicants’ motivation will be boosted by the ability to attempt questions from previous year’s papers. To be able to deliver your best in the exam, you must have a high level of confidence.

How can you incorporate last year’s JEE Main question papers into your study schedule?

The following are a few pointers for students who want to use past year papers to improve their exam preparation:

  • Incorporate the completion of one paper every day into your study routine.
  • After you’ve finished a chapter, look up relevant MCQs from prior years in a book. Students can use this method to solve past year’s questions and review the material they’ve recently learned.
  • Solve one question paper per day throughout the last month of the exam.
  • Only by monitoring the number of questions asked can the analysis of the papers, as well as essential issues, be understood.
  • Solve a minimum of ten years’ worth of paperwork. Because the curriculum of these papers is legitimate and current, they are a good choice.


Though many people believe that this is a waste of time because no question is ever repeated in IIT JEE Mains save in exceptional situations, one easily overlooks the fact that the pattern of the question paper remains nearly the same year after year. When you practice questions based on principles you’ve already learned, you’re putting your ability to apply, innovate, and solve challenges to the test. This gives you the necessary confidence, which will aid you in IIT JEE Mains.

The questions you’ve been answering for the past 10 years may not be directly repeated, but they may have minor differences in data or direct application of the same concepts in a comparable way. You may decide on the main topics and how you should revise them by looking over previous year’s IIT-JEE Main question papers. This will save you time and keep you focused in the long term.

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