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The controversy surrounding how Newcastle fans dress

by Aryan
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In a way to thank the Saudi royal family for taking over their club, many followers of Newcastle United have decided to attend the stadium dressed in clothes similar to the traditional ones worn by people from that part of the world. Since this takeover, the best 1xBet betting site will give even more excellent betting opportunities for the Magpies. As it tends to happen in this kind of situation, there are many players and coaches that are mentioned as possible arrivals for the club. As of now, nothing has been confirmed, but fans are eager to see what this takeover will give to their beloved team.

However, there was a bit of controversy, since the current management of made a particular petition to their followers. Specifically, they asked fans to wear those kinds of clothes only if they do it in a traditional way, and not just because of their admiration for the takeover. This has sparked an interesting controversy, as many people have claimed that their freedoms are being curtailed. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how the Newcastle takeover still sends shockwaves all over the football world. In any case, 1xBet betting site best place to bet on the EPL.

Karim Benzema facing trial

A few years ago, Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena were involved in a quite weird situation that made them antagonize each other. This controversy was so huge, that both players were banned from the French National football team indefinitely. Benzema only returned a few months ago. This return has made making livebet with 1xBet something great to do for all fans of the French football team.

But the controversy hasn’t ended yet, because Benzema is currently facing trial because of this scandal. Of course, the verdict will come in a few months. However, for now it is possible to speculate on a few scenarios. It is unlikely that the player will actually spend time in jail. However, he might be asked to pay a big fine. In any case, to make 1xBet with livebet for Real Madrid or the French national squad will give incredible opportunities.

The FIFA Club World Cup changes venue

The FIFA Club World Cup is an interesting competition that usually takes place in the middle of the summer break. It is possible to make football betting online in that place. So far, two countries have hosted this competition, which are:

  • the UAE;
  • and Japan.

The latter was going to be the host for the 2022 edition. However, due to the apparition of a new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in that part of the world, they asked for the competition to be moved somewhere else. Now, the competition will return to its original host, the UAE. This will give some great online football betting opportunities.

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