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Lip injection

by Radhe Gupta
Lip injection

It has long been proven that men when meeting a girl, first of all, look not in the eyes, but at the lips. And to make a lasting impression, they must be attractive, seductive, and sensual. Beautiful plump lips can rejuvenate the face for several years, adding to a woman’s confidence in her beauty and uniqueness.

General information about the contouring method

Correction is necessary if you have:

  1. Naturally thin lips that need an extra volume;
  2. Clear lip asymmetry;
  3. Age-related changes;
  4. Lowered corners of the lips;
  5. Lack of pronounced contour;
  6. There is a desire to give them pomp;
  7. Atrophic scars in the lip area.

Certain development for the method is not required, but the list of contraindications, which we will discuss in detail below, needs to be studied.

What can be improved in the lips with filler?

  • Increase the upper and lower lip with different methods;
  • Accentuate the shape. You may perform it more meaningful if you don’t need to increase them;
  • Fill in the contour and provide obvious swelling. You may change the form and fit also asymmetrical lips;
  • Highlight the columns of the filter room, as they become less expressive with age;
  • Make any lip shape that will highlight the beauty and personality of the patient.

Contouring methods

There are two methods of augmentation – injection and surgical. A low-traumatic injection method is used, which consists in highlighting the contour and replenishing the volume with the help of injections of biocompatible pads.

If you buy fillers online you need to know that most of the features are hyaluronic acid-based gel. The technique is simple to execute, there are practically no possible difficulties. Filler injections can be used to make almost any size and form, and also accurate asymmetry.

Parisian technology – a timeless classic

“Paris” is the most famous technique originally from France. A country that embodies luxury, beauty, sophisticated style. This technique has been used for over 5 years. French lips are “worn” by the luxurious Monica Bellucci and Keira Knightley.

It involves the use of vertical injections to give the lips puffiness without affecting the contours. Thanks to this, the filler gets into the central part.

The doctor can slightly unfold the upper lip or fill the lower one with filler without stretching the mouth line and at the identical time, without curling inward.

The Parisian technique varies from other methods of correcting volume and shape. It concerns, first of all, the areas from the corners to the highest points of the upper lip, which is corrected first. The corners are not affected.

To give the O-shape, the filler is also injected into the lower one.

The popularity of the technique has been tested over the years. No “duck mouth”, the most common result.

Microbolus lip augmentation technique

All contouring methods give the desired result, but the correction requires special efforts from doctors.

Basically, it is precisely for the correction of thin lips that the micro bolus filler injection technique is also used, which allows placing the filler with a maximum projection increase from one procedure. To obtain the desired size and perfect form, several procedures are often required. The second method is carried out a month after the first.

Linear retrograde technique – a classic at all times

The Linear Retrograde Technique is the basic method. Linear method with form filler is also called classic. Buy restylane online and be sure that this filler injection technique allows you to create clear contours and increase volume.

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