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Your Guide to Toyota Camry Oil Changes

by Yash Ranjan

If you’ve never performed your own oil change, then you’re missing out on an easy and efficient DIY maintenance task. Find out how to change oil at home, when you should change it and tips on how to find the right 2009 Toyota Camry oil type.

How Often Should You Replace Your Oil?

Your Toyota Camry needs engine oil to continue to run efficiently. If there isn’t enough oil or your oil is contaminated, then you may be wearing out your engine or risking total engine failure.

Avoid these issues by changing your oil at least every 7,500 miles. Some oil types and driving habits may mean you’ll need to change it every 5,000 miles or less. If you’re driving a newer Camry, then you have an oil change monitor that alerts you when it’s time for a change.

How To Change Your Motor Oil at Home

Many vehicle fluids and chemicals simply need to be topped up when the reservoirs run low. Motor oil, however, must be fully drained periodically. Order the amount of oil listed in your owner’s manual and an oil filter before you take on this task at home.

Changing your oil requires a drain pan, some hand tools, a car jack, jack stands and safety gear. Gather these items before you begin. You may want to put down newspaper or a mat in case some oil leaks where your drain pan can’t catch it.

Park your Camry on level ground in a well-lit area. Wait until it cools off before you lift it up with the car jack and secure it with jack stands. Be sure to use appropriate jack points for safe lifting.

Position the drain pan under your. Find the oil pan plug and carefully remove it. If you haven’t let your Camry fully cool down, the oil coming out will be dangerously hot.

As you wait for the oil to fully drain into the drain pan, locate the oil filter and remove it. Filters should only be hand tightened, but you may need a filter wrench to remove one. Use caution, as some oil may spill out as you remove the filter.

Wait until the spent oil has fully drained before you replace the drain plug. Install a new oil filter before safely lowering your Camry and filling up the oil reservoir. Check the level and look for leaks before you start up your car.

Best Oil Type for Your Toyota Camry

Your Toyota Camry may use 0W-20, 5W-30 or another weight of oil. Older cars may require conventional or synthetic blend, while newer models typically use full synthetic. Review your owner’s manual or purchase oil from an auto parts store that can help you verify the best option for your year of Toyota Camry.

Where To Find Engine Oil

Changing your own oil can be a simple process with the right tools and engine oil. Find competitive prices on highly rated oil brands today before having everything you need shipped right to your door.

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