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by Thomas Browne
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6 useful tantric massage tips you ought to know

A tantric massage is a form of massage which is not as common as other forms well known to you like deep tissue massage and muscle massage. Do not be hard on yourself if you have not heard of it before as different societies are yet to accept and incorporate sensual massage and the long list of benefits it can have for those that seek it. During this tantric massage, hands and even bodies are used for rubbing and massaging where even the erogenous zones are touched or massaged. The goal is to improve your sexual awareness and lead you down the path to self-discovery and what really pleases you. During the process, you are guided by a professionally trained and certified masseuse who will take you through the ups and downs of the process for a fee but first book your session with a quality massage parlor before you make any plans. Read on to discover a few tips that are very instrumental for your sensual and tantric massage sessions.

Do not expect anything in return from the recipient 

Just like most massage sessions, tantric massage is all about the recipient and not the giver as most amateurs would think. You should take the chance to be in charge of the session not for your own pleasures but for the pleasures of the recipient under your will. It can be very easy for most masseuses to be distracted by clients and their own sexual pleasure to care about giving the best service to their recipients. Supposing your end game is sex or getting tipped, you could easily overdo or underdo something which will change the energy and success of the tantric massage offered to the recipient. The best kinds of massage are selfless where your needs are put aside and instead focus on helping your recipient attain their sexual confidence and besides enjoy the sessions offered. 

Respect the set boundaries 

This is an instruction that goes both ways for the service provider and the recipient. Regardless of whether you are partners or just on official duty to help a client, boundaries and rules must be discussed at the beginning of the session. You should not proceed to do what the recipient is not supportive of, for instance, some male clients might be skeptical about prostate massage therefore getting their consent is very important. As a client, you must also restrict yourself from touching or manipulating the masseuse to do your bidding as that interferes with the tantric massage program and experience. Allow yourself to be teased and led down the procedure until when you are ready to achieve your climax. All the ‘good ending’ stories you have heard before for massages are not compulsory and without prior arrangement, any violations might lead to security issues where you could be thrown out.

Adhere to the needs and wishes of the recipient 

You always need to ask yourself one important question during a tantric massage session, who is the VIP? You are obviously there as a service provider because of the skills you have learned with your body and hands to help your clients learn edging, get pleasured, and also learn more about their sexual desires. It is never about what you need or wants and that is where masseuses should draw the line. Do not be absorbed into your own needs but instead, hear out the client and find out what they need or fantasize about to help make it a reality. There are of course boundaries set for all fantasies but you must never let go without trying to be the best masseuse that your clients experience. This is the difference that will lead to improved customer satisfaction which is a good marketing incentive for your spa or massage parlor. 

Let yourself flow with the energy 

This is a tip that can help first-time clients get settled in for the session with ease. Trust forms a big part of the sensual massage session where you need to trust your masseuse to do the right thing and also feel comfortable around them. Not so many people are open to the idea of getting naked in front of a stranger they know nothing about. It is the reason you have to be specific on the kind of masseuse you need before entering the massage room. While in the room, your masseuse could be dressed or half-dressed; however, this changes with the more comfortable you get during the session. It is all about letting the energy flow and being a part of it to witness and experience the undiscovered sexual interests you may not have explored before. 

Practice is the best teacher 

If you intend to be the best the game has seen, your spa has to have a good reputation. To get quality reviews from your clients or partner, you need to have trained a lot to gain the skills needed to help others learn to be in control of their sexual desires and confidence. Masseuses can be professionally trained in a number of institutions and certified to verify the same. It is as such important for clients to choose professionally trained masseuses who can prove their experience and training with certifications and licensing. This is the only way you can be sure you are hiring an expert to take care of your body needs while massaging you. During your search for whom to hire, find a masseuse who has a lot of tantric massage hours of practice which you can establish when interviewing them.

Communication is important 

The communication seeks to serve a number of purposes in a tantric massage room. The first task to deal with is improving trust between you and the masseuse through creating a rapport or breaking the ice. The talks can deepen the more you trust your masseuse especially when freezing moments occur and old memories are triggered. The second role of communications in a massage room is letting your masseuse know what you need or what you fantasize about them to actualize your wants and lastly it is the best way to give feedback for the touches you liked and what to be improved on. It is not a must to communicate with your client however if they are in for it, there is no reason for you not to reciprocate the energy.

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