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Should a new marijuana smoker buy kratom? Maybe – Find out why (or why not) here

by Radhe Gupta
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If you are used to smoking marijuana – whether it be from a single-use apparatus like a joint, or a multi-part apparatus, like a bong – you may think that you are ready to move on and try something different. But what about kratom? Is kratom similar to marijuana? By doing some research and browsing ahead of time to see what kratom is, the benefits of kratom, and the side effects of using this “drug”, you can then decide if you should try this during your next smoking session. But first – what is kratom?

Should I buy kratom? Maybe – find out more here

Kratom is a type of tree that is found in Southeast Asia and typically grows in countries such as Thailand and Papua New Guinea. Although the leaves are traditionally used in the Eastern world, there is little use of these types of leaves in the modern medical world that we find in the Western part of the world. In Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, it is common for healthcare professionals and healthcare practitioners to use the leaves as medicine for certain ailments. In today’s world, the leaves are now being used as drugs due to the psychoactive, euphoric, and calming effects that they have on the user. 

Similar to someone smoking THC or CBD from various products, kratom sometimes has similar effects on the user. Although doctors sometimes state that the parts of the kratom that are addictive contain similar properties to opiates, opioids, and other recreational drugs that can cause addiction, there have been some studies that show the effects of using kratom help with pain relief, calming anxiety, and other benefits. 

But should you risk it and try this recreational drug? It is up to you – keep in mind that kratom has been banned in numerous places so it is less common for people to buy kratom than you would find with marijuana. Instead of walking into a dispensary and finding kratom, you’ll have to go to greater lengths to buy kratom. 

How do you use kratom? If you’re curious about the purpose of kratom and why it has any benefit over marijuana, you need to know how to safely ingest this drug. Unlike marijuana – where you can smoke the product – kratom is typically sold in pill, capsule, or tea form. You can use the kratom in your tea, in cooking dishes, and taking every day like you would with your vitamins or pills. 

If you’re going to buy kratom, keep in mind that you can have different doses based on how it is ingested. Just like a weed, kratom also has various levels of strength based on the type of dosage levels and ingestion method. 


Are you thinking of buying kratom? If so, you need to learn the side effects, drawbacks, pros, and cons of using this type of recreational drug. Although it has been used in Eastern medicine, it may have side effects that are not beneficial to your health – find out more about this drug before you look to buy kratom online. 

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