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Finding the Best Drug Rehab Center in Houston

by Radhe Gupta
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Accepting that you need to get professional treatment for a drug/alcohol addiction is a vital first step towards recovery. Ideally, the next step should be to identify an ideal drug rehabilitation center that suits your needs. 

Just as no two addictions are ever alike, no rehab facility is the same as the other. Treatment centers have different approaches to treatment for different conditions, making the evaluation process even harder. How sure are you that the center you choose will be committed to your recovery? 

As the patient, you need to know what to look for in a rehab center to have the best chances of recovery. To make the process less overwhelming, here are a few ideas to help you find the best drug rehab center in Houston

1. Get a Physician’s Professional Assessment

Before anything, you first need to look for a doctor certified by the American Society of Addiction and Medicine. The doctor should be able to give you a proper diagnosis to determine the best treatment for you. 

2. Do the Facilities Provide What You Need?

Substance abuse is not easy, and it comes with all other clinical conditions, including anxiety, depression, and many others. It is important to check the information (including websites) of the center you have shortlisted to find out if they have the resources you require. 

Feel free to also call or visit and inquire about each resource listed just to make sure they can back up their claims. 

3. Does the Center Offer Dual Diagnosis?   

Make sure that your ideal drug rehab center has experienced addiction and mental health professionals who can help address underlying issues that contribute to addiction, such as trauma and mental health issues like depression and anxiety. 

4. Go For Quality Over Luxury 

The truth is expensive doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality. At the end of the day, you have to consider the efficiency of your ideal rehab center. A high-end program that costs tens of thousands may not have a better success rate as a drug rehab center in the mid-market range.  

5. Consider the Treatment Approaches Available

You have to consider the treatment plans available at a facility before making any commitments. How will the facility help you learn and develop new, healthy coping skills to replace the destructive ones that contribute to your drug use?

You need to meet others in recovery to learn more from them and their addiction to build your confidence. So, try and find out if the center provides group therapy sessions. You’ll find that this will be especially helpful after you leave the facility. 

The Bottom Line

Some facilities do outstanding work in helping patients beat their addictions, but others are in it merely for profit.  Look for a facility where employees are happy to take care of you; a place where you can feel the staff genuinely want you to get better and are not in it just for the money. 

As much as rehabs take a lot of the credit for helping addicts recover, it is solely up to you to follow the treatment plan during and after your treatment. That said, once you settle on a drug rehab center, make sure you’re 100% committed to your recovery to make a positive, lifelong change in your life.

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