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7 reasons that SMS marketing is the preferred outreach method compared to email!

by Radhe Gupta
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If you are trying to figure out which marketing method is going to be the best to connect with your target market and your ideal clients, then you may have few options in mind. Should you send letters in the mail like an old-school company, or would you benefit from using text message reminders? Should you send emails to your email subscriber list or should you solely post on social media pages like Facebook and Instagram? 

If you are confused about what type of marketing method you should use to get responses, increase open rates, and boost your communications with your ideal customer, then check this out – we have found that using SMS marketing is one of the best tools that you can use to connect with your target market!

Compared to other methods – such as email marketing, calling, and letters to someone’s house or apartment – SMS marketing is much more effective. But why? Learn more all of the reasons why SMS marketing is the preferred outreach method compared to other options for businesses today!

7 reasons why your business NEEDS to use SMS marketing!

SMS Marketing, also known as short message service marketing, is a type of marketing service that is basically texting – by sending messages directly to someone’s phone, you can increase the likelihood that someone will see your message while they are on the go, at work, sitting in their car, or walking along the street. The versatility and the mobility of SMS marketing have made it take off in recent years -let’s see a few reasons why your business will surely benefit from using this foolproof marketing strategy.

High open rates

Compared to emails, SMS marketing has much higher open rates. Emails can get lost in your inbox, sent directly to the spam folder, or unknowingly pushed into the junk folder. If someone sends you something important, it can easily get lost – and this means that you will never see it. With SMS marketing, complemented by an SMS broadcast service, it has a very high open rate compared to all other marketing forms. After all, you know that people are addicted to their phones – sending SMS texts has a 98% open rate compared to other methods!


The second reason why you should consider using SMS marketing instead of emails is because it is much more cost-efficient than other strategies. Compared to forming email lists, composing length emails, creating TV commercials, and using huge billboards, SMS marketing is a very cost-effective and efficient method that you can use for your target market. Since it is very cheap to send one text to a customer, using the SMS marketing automation software is a very inexpensive alternative compared to social media ads, billboard ads, and magazine ads.

Perfect for phones!

Although this can seem obvious, SMS marketing is ideal for phones. After all, people bring their phones with them everywhere they know – this is their lifeline to their work and to their family. By sending SMS marketing messages to someone’s phone, you can ensure that people will see it throughout the day.

Reach a wide target market

The fourth reason that your business should consider using SMS marketing vs. email is that you can read a larger audience. With email, you may only be limited to those who have signed up for your email subscription service – unless you are a business that someone is REALLY interested in, this list will probably be small. 

After all, people usually avoid giving out their email to businesses, as it can lead to too many spam and junk emails. Instead, using SMS marketing lets you reach a wider demographic instead of just one small sector of your target market. This is because using SMS marketing lets you send messages to your customers without bombarding them with multiple emails or long passages of text.

Compatible with other marketing alternatives

The next reason that you should consider using SMS marketing for your business is because it is highly compatible with other types of business marketing strategies. If you find that your social media posts are gaining traction online, you can use SMS marketing to remind users to sign up for the deals via their Facebook pages. By combining marketing methods, you can increase the likelihood that your customers will see your efforts. 

Fast delivery rates

Another benefit of using SMS marketing vs email is that you can ensure that your text will be sent in just a few seconds! Unlike emails, which can be slowed down by busy servers, lack of internet connection, and email crashes, you will find that SMS marketing uses fast texts that are reliable and delivered extremely quickly. If you send a message to your ideal client market for a deal that is ending soon, this is the best way that you can reach out and ensure people hate seeing your message within a few minutes or hours. 

Higher customer engagement and interaction

The last reason that you should consider using SMS marketing vs. email is that you can boost your customer engagement and your customer interaction levels. Have you ever tried to call your customers but no one answers? Maybe you leave a voicemail, but no one calls you back. The same may be the truth with emails – you may send email surveys, questions, and direct emails to get responses, but you never hear back. However, with SMS marketing, you will find that it gives customers an easy, fast, and simple way to engage with your business – letting you learn more about your customers and gain valuable insights into your target market!


If you are considering using SMS marketing or another type of marketing strategy to boost your customer engagement, increase your business productivity, and widen your target market, then consider using SMS marketing. This method is cost-effective, productive, reliable, and has the highest open rate out of any other type of outreach method! Consider using SMS marketing in your next strategy to increase the likelihood of directly interacting with customers who WANT to use your business!

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