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Know what suits you the best and leave a bold style statement by wearing a trendy top hat this Christmas!

by Yash Ranjan
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Women’s outfits, accessories, and fashion is always in the talk. Ladies nowadays, make a bold daily statement even when in nightwear. Their options of silk pajamas showcasing their sentuality and describing their historical make up. Female style, clothing range, and embellishments are revolutionizing all the time. When you love clothing and like to add more to your collection – hats and scarves are on the top list. You will always require a special place to keep your head accessories in the closet safely. Wearing a hat is not a challenging task, but wearing it the right way and a suitable outfit is challenging. 

Stylish hats are one of the most complex yet fun accessories. But how do you make a choice? Will the hat suit you what the model is wearing online? Should you consider any factors before any accessory shopping? Well, many of you are looking for answers to such questions. Here are the essential pointers to make an intelligent and fantastic decision. You can either pull it off well and leave a style statement or can goof up totally. It is essential to understand that every hat design is unique and matches a particular style. Explore the different fashion ways you can adorn a womens top hat.

Understand the facial dimensions 

It is all about your unique face cut. Yes! It is crucial to consider the face structure before deciding on an accessory that goes on your head or around your crown. Start this simple activity by taking a large hand mirror and have a closer look. Ascertain your face shape – oval, round, diamond shape, heart shape, or squarish. It is a crucial yet straightforward exercise to understand the exact shape of the face. If you have an oblong face, certain hats will look splendid on you; however, you have a heart shape, the selection will go different. 

Once you ascertain the shape and structure, then you can select suitable headcovers. Your hat or any head accessory should enhance the facial beauties and help in hiding the flaws. For example, an oval shape face can adorn wide-brim hats as it helps in creating a balance. The brim will give a horizontal structure that compliments the oblong face structure. 

Measure the crown and facial circumference

On determining the facial cut, it is vital to move to measurements. You cannot, but a hat that is too small and doesn’t fit your head or too big keeps falling. Choosing the right hat size is a crucial step. Use a simple tailor tape to measure the crown size and then start the hat hunting. You might have particular shade and shape choices; keep that in your mind before ordering. Once you have all the preferences, then it will become easier to get the right head accessory. 

Assorted styles bring extra smiles.

Women’s fashion is like an ocean, and accessories are a vital part of it. From top hats, Fedora, straw hats, pillbox hats, golf caps, beanies, berets, petite hats, and more – you have a wide selection. Each style and design cap brings its uniqueness and adds a unique smile to your face. 

Top Hats oozes the royalty

Top hats are also popularly known as high hats, cylinder hats, or toppers. These are tall, elongated flat crowned headgears that were the traditional designs for men. The top hat invokes the pictures of the Victorian era of the 1800s when gentlemen smoked pipes and adorned classic hats. Top hats were more popular amongst upper-class men who considered wearing hats as headcovers and a status symbol. Royal or traditional top hats are in silk, fur, wool, and felt.

The structure of the top hat is simple – a tall hat with a flat crown. Sometimes the long side is slightly fluted or sometimes just straight. Top hats add height to shorter men, and soon it became female selection too. The brim is a little curled that raises above the ears when worn. There are considerably basic trimmings with a simple ribbon or band around the broad crown. However, top female hats have bling and additional decorations. You can also find inner lining, which is in pure linen or silk.

Fancy top hats for events

With the change in taste and preference of accessories, fancy hats play an essential part in fashion. Top hats with large embellishments and attachments like feathers, shiny chains, various fabrics, and loads of colors are a popular choice. Women prefer wearing color-coordinated hats for events likes Halloween, Christmas, or carnivals. You can order personalized fancy hats that match your costume for any fancy occasion. Fancy top hats are also magicians’ popular choice. Known for the classic rabbit hiding trick – these look amazing on a brightly lit stage show.

You have many options to choose some regal design of top hats or go jazzy with the occasion’s theme. Enjoy! Go funky and get the tallest hat to create a sensational entry at the carnival, or go wild by adding large feathers that match your bird outfit for Halloween.

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