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Head Deep into the Mayan jungle with Mayana

by Yash Ranjan
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Think! A forest, surprises, Mayan civilization, and multiplayer option. Isn’t this an idea for a great game? Yes, definitely, it is!  And, Mayana is a game that works on the same idea. It is a three-reel game with 27 pay line video slots. But, what makes it addictive? Well, the answer lies in its unique feature of re-spins. 

How to play Mayana

Wait! Don’t jump directly into the forest and get your spirits high. Ahhh! You need to do a lot of stuff before doing that. Hey! Don’t skip! It is necessary. This includes: 

  • Start by changing the coin sizes. So, how to do this? It’s simple. Click on the arrows “˄˅”
  • Now, save the spin option to the Autoplay. Obviously, why would you put energy into hitting the spin button again and again, if autoplay can do the work for you? 
  • Ahh! Lastly, Adjust your bets and press the play option

Symbols In Mayana

Wait! How would you play the game if you do not know about the symbols? Not only this, do you know how many credits you will get for each symbol? Well, Mayana is all about collecting the gold. A Lot of gold!!! But why? Ahh! Simply to convert it into winnings. The lower value symbols are represented by the four different symbols. What about the highs? It is represented by the four Mayan animal masks. 

It’s not the end yet! You can have the most value by collecting the Red devil-like symbol. Yes, It can multiply your stakes by 6 times. Yes, You read it six times. 

Special Features Of Mayana

Connecting win lines

If you think that it doesn’t have many features to die for, then you must know that you are wrong. Instead, its win line features steal the show. Confused how? Well, you must know that the players can increase the lines from 27 up to 243 ways in a way to achieve the goal of winning. 

Yes! You can increase your chance upto 108 ways in the start, then re-spin. If it is an x3 multiplier, then you can experience as high as 243 ways. 

Re-spins and multipliers

If you ask, what makes this game unique? Then there is only one answer. Re-spins and multipliers. And, you will enjoy this to the fullest. Yeah, this means that you increase your win and get free spin all at the same time. Isn’t it exciting? 

Mucha Mayana feature

What happened at the time of the final spin? Think! What can happen? Nothing surprising! Well, at the time of the final spin, the proportions of the multiplier can be as high as 20 times. Ahh! Well, this unique feature can only be activated after the third spin, but randomly. Yeah! You will definitely get to know about it. 


All the expert gamblers will love the gameplay and its interesting features. Yeah, for sure. It’s an ever-increasing reel valve and obviously, the payouts make it a hit. Its multiplier value and a lot of re-spin chances make the punters fall for this game. And, why not? You can always win big. Actually, it’s too big. Who knows, this might be the reason for no bonus game for you? 

Its exotic forest theme and extraordinary visuals make this game an entertaining one. 

So, play and win big. For this, you need to take home a lot of gold. wEll, its features are going to help in this.

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