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5 Things To Know About Synthetic Urine Before Using It

by Radhe Gupta
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The contemporary world’s drug testing scenarios in workplaces have changed how health insurance schemes used to benefit policyholders before. After all, it allows employers to reduce the premium rates and costs related to drug-related ailments and on-the-job accidents. While it may seem to improve employees’ health, there are significant disadvantages to it. But enter the world of tweaks and hacks, and synthetic urine acts wonders!

Ever since famous chemist Friedrich W√∂hler developed the first sample of synthetic urea in 1828, the concept garnered immense prominence. It’s a chemical compound found in the urine. While the creation was accidental while synthesizing ammonium cyanate, the process, despite contradicting vitalism, lets aspirants secure a passing mark in the drug test.

So, yes, synthetic urine is absolutely a genuine concept emerging in today’s contemporary world. And this is your guide to learning five major things about synthetic urine before using it.

What Exactly Synthetic Urine Means!

Synthetic urine is the substance that imitates authentic urine. It’s mainly for individuals who wish to counterfeit undesirable test results after a drug test. Applicants and employees use it as a viable alternative to passing the drug test based on independent variables resembling genuine urine. 

But a collector from the laboratory facility can notice immediate physical, visual, and biochemical aspects to determine whether the specimen is legitimate or not. Say, for instance, they can differentiate between the color, temperature, and amount expected from the real and best synthetic urine.

Working Method of Synthetic Urine

You can find synthetic urine in the form of powder. Mixing it with water will give you a pee-like substance. There are multiple kits sold online, and they include heating pads to keep their temperature between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius.

You should note that overheated samples would not serve you the purpose. Going for the sample urine test interview with the sample hidden in any of your body parts would heat the temperature. If you blend the heated sample with water, it may not give accurate results.

Underlying Factors to Learn About Synthetic Urine

It’s the liquid that forms a urine-like sample. In the process of creating it, four components get considered:

  • Creatinine level: Chemists consider minimal solutions to produce simple and straight out of one’s body. The minimal creatinine levels cannot be a factor that makes urinalysis positive.
  • Color: Fake urine cannot just be any type of color. Chemists have figured out the best way to make it look natural. It’s “warm” and yellowish. At times, it’s colorless!
  • pH Level: It gets measured from the original urine and components diluted to make it look authentic. It gets tested and improved in a mixture.
  • Temperature: Chemists can check the actual urine’s temperature and add chemicals for its liquid to seem authentic.

Selecting the Right Sample to Pass a Test

The market has a wide range of brands that produce synthetic urine. So, it becomes difficult to choose an ideal product. With these critical considerations, you can go accordingly:

  • Uric acid: Regular urine has uric acid, so most labs test for its presence when carrying out the test. So, ensuring that your product contains uric acid is vital. 
  • Trusted dealer: Its accelerating demand has caused an increase in counterfeit products. So, it makes sense to research the reputation of the brand and its certifications accordingly.
  • Temperature: The urine’s temperature is around 36-37C or 95-100F. So, it must have a temperature close to the real urine. 
  • Shelf life: Drug tests may unexpectedly pop up. During the trial, you would want to ensure that the urine has not expired. Synthetic urine, of course, will have an expiry date. Thus, you must have a spare bottle.

Satisfactory Reasons to Use It

Again, the most common way to use artificial urine is to pass a drug test. However, there are other reasons why people consider using it:

  • Animal repellent: Garden enthusiasts may use animal repellent to keep rodents away from the plants. During such scenarios, synthetic urine would work perfectly. It acts like the real thing and cuts down the overall gardening costs.
  • Cleaning agents’ testing: Artificial urine is popular amongst marketers and salespeople. They make use of it to demonstrate the efficacy of multiple cleaning agents, particularly on carpets, furniture, tiles, and more. They mainly use it for urine stain cleaners as well as odor removers. Although it may sound gross, it’s the ultimate truth.
  • Science: Scientists make use of synthetic urine for different purposes. They use it to prepare for the Mars missions, develop newer urine tests for diseases, and so much more!
  • Education: Medical scholars take training by using synthetic urine. Their training encompasses clinical experiments and urinalysis tests.
  • Pranking friends: It might be one of the most entertaining reasons. For new college goers, it might be a great tactic to initial healthy pranks with their friends!

Ending Thoughts

In the space-aged world’s workplace, mandated testing has become commonplace. There are other suggestions for passing the drug tests, including chugging water and detoxing. Synthetic urine is the most effective and reliable procedure. In most cases, it might help you pass the urine test victoriously, but it’s never 100% accurate. So, remember to get your hands on a reputed brand to make the purchase. Only then will you be able to ensure that the sample is decent for use.

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