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Feeling Brainy? Test Your Smarts With This Kool Aid Strain Quiz

by Vinay Kumar
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The Kool Aid weed strain is a hybrid of two sativas and an indica. Its buds and leaves are a light green color and the taste is slightly sweet. It has been reported to have been used as a natural treatment for ADHD, ADD, OCD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and migraines. An interesting fact: Kool Aid weed was reportedly developed by combining diverse genetics from different strains including Afghani, Cambodian, and Mexican.

Plenty of medicinal strain lovers love the Kool Aid strain for its sweet, uplifting effects. It is considered a Sativa-dominate hybrid, but it temporarily slows down your cognitive abilities. The combination of three well-known Sativa/Indica hybrids is responsible for the slightly trippy visual effects, making this strain good for enjoying while playing games or doing puzzles. Users report that this bud helps them feel focused on tasks at hand while allowing them to remain productive and social.

What is Kool Aid Weed?

Kool Aid weed is a mix of three indica and one Sativa strain. The Indica-dominant leanings help to reduce the highly stimulating effects of this sativa-dominate hybrid. Like all Kool Aid products, you know it will be sweet and fruity. The exact genetics that went into the strain is a mystery to growers, which adds to its legend.

Effects from Kool Aid Weed

This strain offers several different medicinal benefits from stress relief to pain management to increased focus. However, this bud is known for its effect on the mind, especially if you have been suffering from mental illness or stress due to work or family issues. This bud does not give you the energy to go out for a run or do yard work, but it is useful for enjoying creative or interactive activities.

When you use Kool Aid weed, you may experience increased creativity and stimulate your need to be social. The mind-altering effects of this strain can also help users cope with pain and can be beneficial in treating depression or anxiety disorders.

Effects From Using Kool Aid Weed

Sativa-dominant strains are well-known for their ability to make users feel energized. However, this particular strain is known for giving users the energy they need to get tasks done while still feeling relaxed and chill. This strain is not the best choice for those who need the energy to focus on a workout or other physical activity.

Kool Aid weed is known for its trippy effects that come from the mix of different Sativa-dominant strains. The key to this high is a portion of Afghani genetics. However, the high comes with a “disconnect” feeling, which makes it difficult to concentrate or be productive. This strain can also cause you to feel very talkative and social, so it is good for hanging out with others who enjoy weed activities like games and puzzles.

Kool Aid Strain Growing Information

The Kool Aid strain was developed as a hybrid of many different types of genetics from all over the world. However, it is not a strain that has been widely grown in the United States. The strain is a cross of Afghani, Cambodian and Mexican genetics. These three different strains each have their own specific effects on the body, but they all work together to make a great medicine. This strain is known for having an extremely high THC to CBD or medical value, so it can be used as medicine or medication. The effects of this type of bud tend to be creative and relaxing at the same time.

Kool Aid weed has been called an excellent hybrid because it has such a wide range of medicinal uses and effects without users having to know what to expect from medical marijuana strains specifically. The THC levels are high, but many users report having a great night’s sleep after using this strain. These buds are known to have an almost instant calming effect on the body.

As with all strains of medical marijuana, you have to consider the full range of its effects before trying it. Kool Aid weed is considered a good choice for those who need to relax without feeling drowsy or sleepy. This type of bud can help you unwind and then get some rest before waking up energized and productive. The thought process becomes trippy at first, but then users feel more relaxed after medicating with this strain.

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