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How much Vitamin C do your sources have ?

by Radhe Gupta
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All nutrients are important whether it is macro or micro. Macronutrients are needed in larger amounts in a day but micronutrients are needed in smaller amounts in a day. Therefore if you skip the micronutrients for a certain period of time, you will not realize it at the time until it shows some effects. This is true about vitamin c as well.  People go only for a vitamin c capsule on a daily basis when they face a deficiency. Yeah ! It helps in fighting against the vitamin C deficiency but keeping it for a longer time is not good for you. Always look for the natural option for vitamin c. Here are some natural sources of it. 

  • Lemon: One of the easily available sources of vitamin c that consist of a great amount of it. It consists of 53 mg vitamin c in 100 grams that helps you in many ways. Taking it with water can help you to reduce fats and turn it into energy. 
  • Kakadu plums: Do you want to know another rich source of vitamin c ? Kakadu plums are one of them that consists of larger amounts of vitamin C than lemon. It consists of 5,300 mg of vitamin C in 100 gram which is 100 times of vitamin c in lemon. 
  • Raw Guava: In a cup of raw guava, it is 377 mg vitamin c which is 419 % of 90 mg daily value. Guava is a seasonal fruit and a tasty way to fill the nutritional gap, especially vitamin C. Along with vitamin C is a great source of other nutrients that increase the health benefits of vitamin C. 
  • Oranges: Almost all of us enjoy oranges. It is a great source of vitamins and minerals. But mostly it is known for its rich pack of vitamin C. One large orange consists of 108.8 % of 90 mg daily value. Enjoy the sour and sweet taste of fruit. 
  • Brussels sprouts: We have heard how important sprouts are for protein and fiber needs. But few of us know that it is a rich source of vitamin C. In a cup of raw brussels sprouts, there are 79. 8 % of 90 mg daily value vitamin C. So, incorporating them in your daily diet can help you to build muscles with a good amount of protein supported by a rich amount of vitamin C. You can take it as a snack or can sprinkle it over your regular meal. 


Vitamin C is very helpful in boosting immunity. Also it takes care of your skin and hair health. It fights against free radical releases to save humans from various health issues induced from pollution, dust, bad immunity, and many more. It also helps many nutrients’ ability to absorb faster. Collagen production takes place because of it that helps in improved skin health. So just depending on vitamin C supplements for a longer time is not a good idea, try to include these natural sources in your daily life. 

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