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Formula To Score The Highest Marks In Your Exam

by Yash Ranjan
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As a student, one of the basic goals of your life is to excel in your studies. While extracurricular activities are also equally important, studies can help pave a way for your future. For you to join your dream college and pursue the stream of your choice, marks matter. If you top your exams, the chances of you getting into the college of your choice also go up. Now, scoring high marks isn’t impossible. All you need to do is follow a few tips and you are good to go. What are they? Just keep reading to know more! 

Study Regularly

You have probably heard this a plethora of times that you take this tip lightly. But, studying regularly is extremely important. Why? Because the burden becomes less. Let’s say, you have 15 chapters in a subject and you have a whole academic year, which is approximately 10 months to finish your portions. Now, studying these 15 chapters in 10 months is a piece of cake. You can study just a few pages of the chapter every day and you will still have time for plenty of revisions. So, start studying from day one and that’s an underrated yet vital step for scoring the highest marks in your exam.

Make A Timetable 

A timetable is a must for students as it helps them study with discipline without burdening themselves too much. Don’t push this till the last moment. Again, try to make a timetable as soon as you get your book for that particular academic year. Now, we are not asking you to start studying right away. If you must, you can always start when your school commences. But, have a timetable ready. Now, your timetable doesn’t have to follow what your teachers are teaching. This is something you follow to finish your portions. 

Once your school starts then tweak your timetable to ensure you can complete everything your teacher is teaching you to. Make sure you finish your independent studies by mid of the year and the rest of the academic year, keep it just for revision. This will ensure you ace even any surprise tests that come your way. 

Lastly, when it comes to creating a timetable. Don’t be hasty. Keep all the chapters and subjects in mind. It should be realistic and not feel like a burden as it will then take away any excitement from learning. 

Revise After Each Chapter 

Now, if you have followed the first two steps, that’s great. You are on the right track. However, make sure you leave room for revision right after every chapter. This solidifies your knowledge and ensures that you don’t forget whatever you have studied. Also, when it comes to revision, take your time. You can ask a parent to help you out to test your knowledge after the revision where they can ask you questions from the chapter you have studied and you answer without taking any help from your books. 

Languages Require Written Practise

When it comes to studying languages, such as English, Hindi, Sanskrit, or any other regional language, you must write every answer to ensure your spellings are to the point. Therefore, when you are curating your timetable, you should give enough time for languages to ensure you not only read and learn them but also write and practise once. Since writing and learning take time, make sure you start practising languages from day one. Languages also have stories that can be read as a leisure activity too! Also, make grammar a priority too. 

Go Through All NCERT Important Questions 

NCERT important questions are authentic and always according to the latest syllabus. Referring to NCERT books is a great way to revise whatever you have studied. If you have any doubts or want solutions in a simplified version, you can also visit the Vedantu website as the content is created by teachers with a wide experience and skill set. Vedantu also offers solutions to all the subjects in accordance with the NCERT textbooks and reference guides, on one website. For last moment revision, you can also save the solutions as PDF or take a printout to refer to it before your exam. 

Mock Tests Are A Great Way To Test Knowledge 

Today, you will find a plethora of tests online. Right from grammar tests to chapter-wise tests are easily available. If not, you can also ask your friend or a guardian to prepare a question paper for you after the end of every chapter. When you solve these question papers, you will know how well prepared you are. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will make you better in that subject. Now, take mock tests after every chapter but don’t let go of the previous chapters either. For instance, after chapter one, take a mock test of that chapter and after chapter two, take a test for chapters one and two. This will help you remember everything you have studied so far. 

Previous Years Question Paper 

This is an important step, especially if you are preparing for the boards. Solve at least 10 years worth of papers because a few important questions usually get repeated. So, be thorough with all the questions you encounter in these papers. You can keep this step for after you have finished all the subjects. This will also act as a revision and will help you where you stand and how much you can score. Let’s say, you get 50 on the paper you solve, you know you have lost 30 marks somewhere and you can cover it up and improve your score as you still have time. 

Finally, learn to manage your time and keep your calm. Nerves never help. So, take a deep breath and be confident because you will be able to do it. 

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