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Things To Consider When Purchasing a Dry Herb Vaporizer

by Radhe Gupta
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Thanks to improvements in technology, many people hardly have to light a joint or use a homemade bong to smoke. It is not surprising, as dry herb vaporizers seem to be gaining popularity dramatically. 

Many people prioritize natural living even though traditional means of consuming cannabis seem to be unhealthy. As a result, a dry herb vaporizer appears to be the ideal substitute. 

Dry herb vaporizers come in numerous styles and type today. Whether you want a pen-sized vaporizer, portable vaporizer, or something pretty powerful, your options are endless. 

In addition to improvements in technology, many people have accepted the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. This has increased the tendency of people to want the best dry herb vaporizers. However, there are essential things one needs to bear in mind before buying a new dry herb vaporizer.

With the myriads of options available in dry herb vaporizers, getting the best one that suits you might be challenging. As a result, an idea of what you want can guide you towards the best choice. Whether you want a vaporizer that you can use anytime, you feel like it, or something to carry around on your trip outdoors, a dry herb vaporizes for you. 

This article will explore the top things to bear in mind before selecting the best dry herb vaporizer: 

Heating Method Employed

There are two major heat types used in a dry herb vaporizer: the convection and conduction method. This is important to your vaping experience as their approach works differently.

Conduction transfers heat directly to the substance through direct contact. In other words, your cannabis will be in direct contact with the heat source. This vaporizer uses open flame heating and might be powered either by a battery or by butane. This was the first vaporizer introduced in the market as they were cheap and user-friendly. It is a good choice for beginners who have never used a vaporizer before. 

A convection-style vaporizer, on the other hand, uses steam to transfer heat to the material. This is probably the most popular and accepted means of vaporizing cannabis. You might decide to take your time between pull without the fear of burning your herb. Besides, the vapor enjoys even heating as you inhale it. Convection vaporizers are pretty efficient and are considered the best dry herb vaporizers

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Image by Ethan Parsa from Pixabay

Consider Temperature Change

Your ability to change the temperature while using your dry herb vaporizer translates to a terrific vaping experience. As experts will have it, the temperature is one of the most vital elements of vaping. 

Consider a dry herb vaporizer that allows you to change the temperature. As a beginner, your ability to experiment with different temperatures is a good thing. It is essential as it helps you get the perfect setting since various cannabinoids vaporize at different temperatures

A beginner who is clueless on the best temperature setting for their dry herb vaporizer should consider setting their device between 180-210°C for optimum results. Although, it is not recommended that a beginner use a variable temperature vaporizer as it could be confusing. It will be best to start with a device that has pre-set temperature. 

Preparation Time 

The overall preparation time is another essential factor to consider in choosing a dry herb vaporizer. If you don’t know, it is impossible to turn on a vaporizer and use it immediately. Vaporizers need some time to warm up.

A vaporizer with direct flames will need a couple of minutes to warm up. Alternatively, those using a ceramic heating chamber might need up to an hour before you can use them. As a result,  for people in need of a model that can give them a quick fix, you should ideally prioritize a product that heats up fast, under a couple of minutes. With this, make sure to consider a device that suits your lifestyle. 

The Brand 

The brand is another major factor you need to consider before deciding on a dry herb vaporizer to buy and use. A beginner needs to be diligent in researching brands and seeing beyond their claims and promises as they might all appear worthy. As a result, make sure not to commit to anything expensive as a beginner. 

However, for people who will use their dry herb vaporizer often, make sure to consider reputable and popular brands. Read reviews of the best dry herb vaporizer brands and consider something that can meet your basic needs. 

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How you will use your dry herb vaporizer is also essential, as it will guide your buying decision. One of the advantages of dry herb vaporizers is the variety in size, making it necessary to select something that fits your need. For people who prefer portable devices, a vape pen is recommended rather than a desktop vape. 

Vape pens are pretty popular, and you can easily disguise them. They are available in the shape of a pen and can easily be used on the go with a simple click of a button. If you do not care about portability, a desktop vaporizer is a good idea as it will be stationed on a table and plugged into an outlet. 

Maintenance Habit

Without a doubt, maintenance is also essential if you want your dry herb vaporizer to last. As a result, you should expect some maintenance routines for optimum performance of the device. 

However, the ease of maintenance in terms of the time it will take is pretty essential. Consider how long it will take, and if you have to spend money on it. Even though you need no elaborate maintenance trick for dry herb vaporizers, they require occasional cleaning for optimum performance. 

Leaving various residues to build up in the device will contaminate the taste. It is like putting new wine in an old unclean wine bottle. No matter how delicious the new wine is, the taste of the old one will contaminate it. The same analogy applies to using fresh herbs in a vaporizer that still holds residues of an ancient herb. 

A dirty and poorly maintained vaporizer will affect the taste and the efficiency of the device. As a result, the device will typically use more power and wear out faster.

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If you want to buy an excellent dry herb vaporizer, make sure to consider the factors discussed in this article. It will help you see past all the marketing gimmicks and pick a product that will effectively meet your needs and serve you. 

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