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Benefits of Studying Mathematics

by Radhe Gupta
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Mathematics is more than a subject taught in schools. It has real-life applications and helps a person to grow and understand various things in life. It is impossible to have a world without mathematics since it’s a part of every profession and household. Without mathematics, there will be confusion all around. There are many important concepts and formulas in mathematics like geometry, quadratic formula, etc. 

Benefits of learning mathematics and its various concepts-

1. Learning math is useful for one’s brain-

Studies have proved that students who practice mathematics and learn more about it have higher gray matter than others. Students who actively solve maths problems are more fit for cognitive analysis and decision-making. Studying mathematics makes one smarter and helps in increasing their learning horizon. As a result, their thinking and way of working also improve which makes them better in decision making and analytical decision making. Solving mathematics problems also helps in improving attention and increases the learning capacity of the brain.

2. Every profession utilizes math here and there. 

Mathematicians and researchers depend on numerical standards to do the most essential parts of their work, for example, test theories and solving problems or making assumptions. While scientists use mathematics widely, mathematics is not restricted to this field only. It is used in almost all professions. In some simple calculations might be required while in others complex concepts and calculations might be required. For example, a cashier working a sales register requires basic maths for calculating various sales figures. Individuals working in a plant should have the option to do mental math to monitor the parts of the sequential construction system. Thus, mathematics is required in almost all professional fields. 

3. Math is all around and assists one in understanding the world better 

Maths and its related concepts are all around. Learning it helps one in appreciating things around and making life better. It will help one in noticing small things and enjoy the beauty of things around. For example,  Honey bees, experts of calculation, use hexagons to assemble their honeycombs. The Fibonacci arrangement, a well-known grouping of numbers in science, is found all through nature: in pinecones, shells, trees, blossoms, and leaves. The number pi can likewise be noticed surrounding us. Pi is roughly 3.14, however in all actuality, it is more noteworthy than 3.14, with a boundless series of numbers after the decimal point. The number pi can be seen looking like streams. The proportion of a stream’s length to the separation from the source to its mouth is known as the “wandering proportion.” The normal wandering proportion of waterways approaches the number pi. 

All these facts seem more fascinating when one can comprehend them. Thus, maths help in learning more about the environment.

4. Math is a general and a universal language and everyone understands it-

Indeed, it’s for the most part conditions, numbers, and some Greek letters, yet math is perceived a similar essentially from one side of the planet to the other. A mathematical problem shouldn’t be interpreted by another dialect to be perceived by somebody on the opposite side of the globe. A numerical law doesn’t change with religion, region, language, etc. Thus, it is easily understandable by everyone. 2 + 2 = 4 in every language on the Earth. It is clear that studying mathematics and its concepts is very important. Many students are scared of mathematics. However, it is an easy subject if taught properly and practiced regularly. Parents should ensure that their children study it well. They can send them to a good coaching mentor who can take extra classes and teach them important concepts. Also, there are many math websites like Cuemath, where students can solve practice questions and get a better hold of the concepts. Quadratic function, algebra, graphs, etc are well taught on the website. Thus, one should use these websites and learn better.

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