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5 Essential Steps To Prepare Your Construction Business Before Taking Vacation

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They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life; but even the most passionate workers need time to rest and recuperate to perform at their best. You work hard and you deserve some vacation time, but can you really call it relaxation if you spend the whole vacation worrying about your construction business in your absence? That certainly doesn’t sound like time off from work, so to truly enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of running a business, use these five simple tips to put your mind at ease:

1. Communicate With Employees

Before departing for sandy beaches make sure your employees are clear on all policies, procedures, expectations and deadlines. Pick a leader that you trust to run things in your stead, and make sure your whole team is aware of who’s in charge. It’s also a good idea to have a team meeting to go over expectations for day-to-day operations as well as procedures for emergencies or equipment failures. Leave a list of people who should be contacted in different scenarios and make it clear when and how you should be notified.

2. Touch Base With Clients

Brief any clients you have ongoing projects with about your vacation before taking off so they are informed of what’s going on and don’t feel abandoned or cheated. Make sure that they know who you have left in charge. Reassure them they are in experienced, capable hands even when you’re not there; for example, you might say “I have left X in charge, they’ve been with me for 10 years” or something to that effect. Leave the contact information for the employee who will be running things while you’re away. Make yourself available for emergencies but establish that they will be the main point of contact for this time period.

3. Stock Up on Necessary Technology

Grab a few power banks, and if you’re traveling abroad grab a power adapter, so you can charge your devices and stay informed no matter what kind of outlet your accommodations have; or even if there is no outlet at all. It’s also a good idea to invest in a cloud master tank, which allows you to monitor and measure up to 10 different tanks remotely using a single internet connection. This cloud tank technology means readings can be done instantly and simultaneously instead of making the cumbersome and sometimes dangerous trek to measure tanks manually, benefiting your business even whether you are on the clock or the beach.

4. Plan Vacation Time Thoughtfully

When considering when to take your vacation take a look at your business calendar and make a note of any upcoming projects. Examine which projects you either need to, or would like to, personally have a hand in and which ones can be handled by your team while you’re away. Additionally, if you have any ongoing projects that are particularly expensive or require your experience and expertise it is a good idea to complete those projects before booking your vacation.

5. Have Scheduled Reports

Last but not least it may give you peace of mind to have a scheduled check-in with your team. This keeps you in the loop with how projects are proceeding and any important updates or changes from clients. It also keeps your team accountable for meeting the expectations you set before departing. Just make sure you aren’t scheduling too many of these mini-meetings both so that you don’t pilfer away your own vacation time, but also so you don’t set the tone that you can’t trust your team to run things while you’re away. Remember that you hired competent employees for a reason, they’ve got this!

If you follow these steps your construction business will run flawlessly in your absence. The only thing you have left to do is kick up your heels, relax and enjoy.

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