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Learn how to reduce your back pain using a cervical traction device

by Radhe Gupta
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If you have consistent and chronic back pain, you need to come up with new and useful ways to help reduce your aches. Instead of suffering through daily activities due to pain, aching muscles, a limited range of motion, and stiffness, you can use innovative and effective treatment methods that help you restore a full range of potion that makes daily activities easy and fast! For an instance, using portable massagers would be a good idea to treat back pain effectively. Gone were the days when you would need a professional human massager/physiotherapist to massage your body. The world has much better and effective solutions now for each and every problems and portable massagers are one of those. Also known as massage gun, these massagers offer better in-house solutions for various issues like muscle pain, soreness, back pain, hip pain and more. All you have to do is to massage your body using this massage gun as described and you’ll start seeing the results in a quick turnaround time. Exogun DreamPro is a great example of quality massage gun, available these days in the market.

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How Saunders cervical traction can help reduce your lower and upper back pain!

Using Saunders cervical traction can help you reduce your constant back pain that can be due to spinal compression, spine misalignments, tight hamstrings, and much more. Let’s see the main reasons why cervical traction can help release pressure from your own back and enhance your range of motion. 

The main benefits of cervical traction include relaxing the muscles of your neck, upper back, muscles surrounding the spine, and muscles in your lower back. Using Saunders cervical traction can significantly relieve your pain and stiffness that can occur from repetitive motions or degenerative diseases. Furthermore, cervical traction increases your flexibility by easing lower back muscles and promoting a flexible spine. 

Cervical traction helps stretch the vertebrae of your spine to allow for an increased range of motion, while simultaneously relieving spinal pressure on your local muscles that influence your rango motion and pain. By using a pulling method to stretch the head away from the spine and the neck, it can allow for an increased amount of space that lets the muscles surrounding your spine relax and decompress. 

Saunders cervical traction has been proven to help improve your spinal mobility, making exercises like twisting, sitting, leaning over, and picking up objects much easier and safer for your body. In addition, cervical traction improves your range of motion in your spinal column and back, making it less painful to do everyday activities, such as standing up or sitting down. Lastly, cervical traction makes your daily activities easy tasks that are pain-free and non-strenuous. 

But how does Saunders cervical traction work? 

Well, cervical traction can either be done manually or mechanically, depending on the needs and the problem areas of the patient. Using mechanical cervical traction should only be done by a professional since it is intensive and requires a second pair of helping hands. The mechanical cervical traction is done by attaching weights or a harness to your neck that helps pull your neck away, reducing pressure.

The manual cervical traction is done by a physical therapist who gently pulls your head away from your spine to relieve pressure. 


As you can see, using Saunders cervical traction is an effective way to reduce spinal pressure, increase range of motion, and reduce pressure on your lower back muscles. To help remedy constant low back pain and neck aches, consider using cervical traction as a safe and foolproof therapy method during your next physical therapy session. 

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