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7 Ways to Spice Up your Instagram Feed for Getting More Traffic

by Ethan more
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Instagram has been initially just a photo-sharing platform where people could have connected. However, with time it has transformed into a platform where businesses can flourish. With the addition of business metrics and other aids for small businesses to grow, Instagram has become more than just a social media platform. Since the algorithm supports traffic and engagement, getting more engagement is the key to making a community on Instagram. However, the one question that follows that shortly is how do you get more traffic? Well, it’s quite simple and methodical. The way to get traffic on Instagram is governed by good content and social proof. Social proof can be attained if you buy legit Instagram likes and hence is not much effort. 

On the other hand, creating good content takes vigor and effort. This is why we bring to you this article. This article will tell you about how to spice your feed with certain posting elements that can help you grow your audience over time. So without further ado let’s jump right into those

1. Curating content around the recent events

One way to spice up your Instagram feed is to curate content that is regarding recent events. For example, if you’re a doughnut brand, celebrating doughnut day and giving a sale or discount on your product at that event can go a long way in getting you more traffic. This translates to your followers that your brand is connected to something that is happening right now and hence will help you gain even more traffic than usual. Also, do make sure that you are not going too political about the events that you choose, because that may affect your brand image. To be on the safer side, choose national holidays, celebratory events, festivals, etc to make a post about. This tip has helped a lot of brands gain a huge amount of traffic over time.

One of the best ways to get more traffic on your profile is by buying Instagram engagement. Well, this might sound counterintuitive to a lot of people but buying Instagram likes from BuzzVoice helps you gain organic traffic on your profile and is much much cheaper than mainstream methods like Instagram Ads. 

2. Memes

Creating and sharing memes is the best way to make your posts a bit more spiked up. This is a no-brainer. If you have anything to say that can fit a meme template then there is no better way to convey it. Memes have been the greatest ice breaker since they originated and hence are a great way to interact with your audience. No matter how big the company is, the most engagement they get is on meme posts and if this is not a sign for you to make memes around your campaigns then we don’t know what is. The best way is to use the template that is on the rise and use that to advertise your products. This is one of the greatest marketing strategies

3. “Did you know?”

We’re sure that you stopped for a second and wondered when you read this subheading. This is the effect that the “did you know” posts have on people. Since people like reading facts and figures, statistical posts are the best way to spice up your feed. Usually, this works best as a carousel post where you add 5 to 6 facts about the service that you provide and then add in an announcement of a yearly sale at the end. This will take people by surprise and convince them to take action as well if the offer is good enough. If you’re using this post then you should consider researching a lot because giving out knowledge people already have won’t help. If you do this right, then statistical or fact and figure kinds of posts are going to do wonders for your profile.

4. Video posts

Instagram did start as a photo posting social media platform, however, with time people have started engaging with videos as well. As the saying goes that a picture can say a thousand words and thus a video can tell you a whole story. The key thing to keep in mind when creating a good video post is that it should be relevant to your profile, if it is a video of a new product being highlighted, then make sure to have that clear in the description and if it is a general video then make sure the music is on point. A little bit of editing and music can go a long way in creating a video that engages a lot of people and hence grows your traffic without much effort

5. Buying Instagram engagement

One of the best ways to get more traffic on your profile is by buying Instagram engagement. Well, this might sound counterintuitive to a lot of people but buying likes helps you gain organic traffic on your profile. This happens because the engagement that you buy acts as a social proof and tells other people that people like your content and hence they should too. This is why buying Instagram followers boosts the process of getting organic traffic. However, buying engagement from the wrong places can also ruin your Instagram engagement over time, and hence we recommend you to buy Instagram likes and followers from Viralyf, Getviral, and Socialpackages.net. These websites have been giving out genuine engagement since they were set up hence they are credible

6. DIY posts

If you are in a niche that has a scope of making DIY videos then you should do it without even thinking twice. This is because DIY videos are loved by people. Since they get to learn new stuff, DIY videos have been getting immense popularity even now. So if you have the chance then go ahead and make tutorials or DIY videos as they are going to bring in a ton of traffic. If you have not even tried this yet, then it is going to bring a drastic change in your traffic numbers

7. Behind the scenes

If you recently released a big project that you were working on for quite some time, then you’re going to have a lot of behind-the-scenes moments. Since people like to see the raw side of other people, having a behind-the-scenes video uploaded on your account is going to work wonders. Since people will get to see more of the brand’s personality and image, they are going to feel more connected and will surely become followers. This increases the amount of traffic that you get and also brings in more audience.


If you haven’t tried any of those tips mentioned above then it’s your cue to do so. They have been helping people for a long time on Instagram to bring up their traffic numbers and can help you do the same as well. If you’re confused and nothing else has worked, then we’re sure the ten tips mentioned above are going to fo sure. Till then happy Instagramming!

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