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Buying Guide for Waifu Body Pillows

by Radhe Gupta
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When purchasing any product, it’s always a good idea to keep a few practical considerations in mind. The best online store to buy waifu pillow is Sakume. When choosing your new waifu body pillow, keep the following things in mind:

Size: Waifu body pillows are available in three sizes. Choose one that suits your present pillow or collection. Unless you have all three sizes of “inside pillows,” it is always better to have a uniform sized pillow cover set than one that is all sizes.

Fabric: Waifu pillows come in four different fabric options. The following are some of them:

Peach Skin: This is a toned-down version of the smooth peach skin material. It’s also the most cost-effective of the Waifu body pillows. Peach skin is comprised of 100 percent polyester, same like peach skin.  The high quality, on the other hand, varies. The Waifu body pillow with peach skin is also soft and smooth to the touch, but the fabric is not elastic. The prints look great and keep true even after a lot of use.

Plush: This is one of the less popular Waifu body pillow alternatives. This is because, while velvet feels luxurious, it does not provide a strong foundation for life like prints. The Waifu body pillow is made of soft velvet and has a fuzzy appearance. It also retains heat. So, unless you’re going to be outside in the cold and don’t mind a hazy print, it’s best to avoid this material.

New two-way: The original Japanese manufacturers of Waifu body pillows are another budget-friendly choice at Sakume. Twill tends to result in washed-out prints and does not retain its shape, so it is not a very appealing option. It’s also a possibility that you’ll have to import from Japan, so keep in mind the extra shipping costs.

Two-Way: This is by far the most popular option among residents. The fabric is ultra-soft, silky, and silky smooth to the touch, with a faint sheen and a great finish. It has a great contrast that shows out the character printed on it, making it a favorite among the other textiles. It’s also incredibly pliable, allowing it to be tugged in any direction.

Print: This is a very personal decision. You are free to choose whatever print you want. The prints can also be customized to meet your specific requirements. Aside from the regular patterns, at Sakume Waifu body pillows are also connected with the “love pillow” notion, therefore there are still plenty of adult options.

Cover: Because Waifu body pillows are connected with an adult element, it is a good idea to purchase a cover for the pillows ahead of time. You may always zip them up in the cover and keep them safe from scrutiny and prying eyes this way.

Price: You don’t have to purchase from Japan these days. Waifu body pillows can be found on best online store that is Sakume. These are the first options to consider because they will save you money on shipping.

So contact us at Sakume online Dakimakura Store to order your waifu pillow!

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