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How can Instagram act as a platform for augmentation?

by Yash Ranjan
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Social media plays a very important role in helping small businesses grow and flourish rapidly without facing too many roadblocks. However, to grow, you need more followers for your account so that at least 50% of it can be driven as traffic to your business website. So, basically, the higher the number of followers, the more will be the organic traffic to your website. There are several tools and services like Simplygram, which can help you get more followers and boost the traffic to your account.

However, apart from these tools, several other techniques are also there to implement for proper business growth on Instagram. Read this guide to know more about how you can grow your followers and gain more organic traffic to your business website.

Optimize your Instagram business profile

The first task you need to do is optimize your business profile on Instagram. You can work on it by changing your profile photo to a more realistic picture of your business logo and writing a wonderful bio mentioning your business website link; you need to ensure that the account has all the details your audience needs to know. Focus more on the bio by writing something appealing that will make your profile stand apart from your competitors.

Always schedule your posts on Instagram

Instagram users always look for new and creative content regularly or at least frequently. Hence, to keep your followers interested, make sure to schedule your Insta posts regularly.  Don’t miss or delay your posts, as the competition out there is tough. This is more important especially when there is something of greater importance coming up like launching a new product line or offering new discounts for an upcoming sale season. So, do not compromise with the timing of your Insta posts.

Make sure to use proper hashtags

Another way of marketing on Instagram is by using the proper hashtags. These hashtags are almost similar to the keywords required during SEO. With the help of hashtags, you will be able to extend the reach of your post to the target audience. An important point to note here is that your hashtags must be relevant. You can figure out the most suitable hashtags by checking out your competitors’ hashtags. Also, the number of hashtags plays an important role here. For example, an Insta post with 10 hashtags will have lesser visibility than the one with 20 hashtags.

Target the correct audience based on the post

You need to ensure that the audience you are targeting is right and relevant. Only the right audience will take action you want it to take, like registering or buying, etc. Several tools are there by which you can target the right audience based on the AI targeting algorithm. It will increase both the organic traffic to your website and the conversion ratio.

Using Augmented Reality features to post multimedia

Augmented Reality has led to a new Instagram experience by encouraging people to use various in-built effects and filters. Instagram has introduced several Augmented Reality features, like the different photographic effects you can add to your Insta stories or reels. These effects will increase the appeal of your multimedia post, thereby attracting more users to the content. If you still haven’t explored them, try today!


Instagram is a popular platform for businesses to get traffic and enhance visibility online.  However, to get noticed on Instagram by your potential followers, you need to implement the above strategies and more. So, devise a proper plan and follow the steps for optimizing your profile and targeting the audience precisely.

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