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Leveraging TikTok to market your brand

by Yash Ranjan
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Do you have a business or brand and haven’t thought about marketing it on social media yet? Are you curious as to how TikTok can help your business grow and want to know everything you possibly can before you invest any time and effort into it?

TikTok has quickly grown to be one of the top social media platforms with over a billion active monthly users and counting. It is a simple short form video-sharing app that allows you to do everything right from the app without any fancy or extra equipment.

TikTok seems to be one of the best ways to go for social media marketing for a multitude of reasons, including the massive audience and the abundance of tools and services, like TokUpgrade which is an organic growth service, available to all of the users. If you are curious as to how you can use TikTok to boost your business, here is everything you need to know. 

Create a hashtag challenge

TikTok is all about community and trends, and one way to insert yourself into this community and take part in the trending content is by creating your very own hashtags challenges. People love participating in challenges and trying out things for themselves, so as a business, this is a great way for you to gain free marketing from other users, also known as user-generated content. 

Hashtag challenges are simple. Essentially, as a business, you create your hashtags that are linked to a challenge that people can participate in. For example, Coca-Cola had #shareacoke. This is where people would try to find a Coke with their name on it and share a picture of them with it on their social media. Although this wasn’t necessarily a TikTok trend, it is something that can be taken inspiration from. 

Partner with influencers

TikTok is one of the largest social media platforms, if not the largest social media platform currently, with over a billion active monthly users. Just like with every other social media platform, TikTok has its own influencers, or most popular users, who have managed to grow their follower base tremendously and gain millions upon millions of followers. Unlike other social media platforms, influencers on TikTok seem to have far more followers, some reaching into the hundreds of millions. 

One of the best things about having access to these influencers is that most of the time, they are willing to help out businesses or work with them, as this is a way for them to make some money. TikTok influencers are easily able to sell a lot of products and services to their audiences because of their positive stance and reviews. As a brand, this could be extremely beneficial as it will allow you to reach a much larger audience

Follow the trends

As mentioned earlier, TikTok is all about trends and community, and the fastest way to find yourself a part of this community as a business is by following the trends. When it comes to content on TikTok, just about everything you see is based on trends or follows some or other kind of trends whether it be a new viral dance, a food recipe, using a funny trending sound clip, or just something else. 

As a business, if you want to do well on TikTok, you should be making use of these trends as much as possible to try and make yourself come across as more personal and relatable. The younger generation on TikTok love trends and this is one of the best ways to reach them as well as to get them to notice you. 

TikTok ads

Typically, a lot of businesses started using social media, and TikTok, for marketing purposes because it was completely free. And while it is still completely free to use, TikTok has noticed just how many businesses and brands are starting to make use of their platforms and have introduced paid advertising features to make marketing on the app even better. 

As a business, if you have a budget for marketing, this is something that you should take advantage of, especially as a small business or if your account is relatively new with very few followers. While it may cost you a bit, it is well worth it to be able to reach your target audience with much less effort.  

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