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Convert your Image Format within no time

by Radhe Gupta
Convert your Image

The Internet has made life so much easier, hasn’t it? Everything is now a click away. You can shop online, learn online and even convert formats online. Whether you want to convert an image to pdf or you want to convert a video into an mp3; it is now possible within no time. With the help of online convertors, changing your image formats is now a piece of cake. And  Soda PDF is the best convertor right now that gives you an array of formats to choose from. 

PDF File Format Conversion

Many people assume that the ratio and quality of the image is destroyed during conversion. However, with Soda PDF, there is no such problem. You can easily convert the image, without having to worry about the ratio and quality disturbance. Everything will remain intact. From its orientation to the ratio; your image will be of premium quality when converted to PDF. Thus, do not stress about weird angles or extra borders during the conversion with Soda PDF. 

How to convert an image to a pdf?

Conversion of image to pdf or any other format is a quick and easy job now. You can easily visit Soda PDF and then follow the below mentioned steps to convert your file, within 2 minutes. Gone are the days when you needed special formats for this task or you had to go crazy to figure out a solution. 

  1. The first step is to choose the JPG or image file that you want to convert. You can also choose a file from dropbox and google drive too. You can also drag and drop the file into the convertor. 
  2. Once you have selected the file, you paste it on the section bar or drag and drop it there. 
  3. Now, choose the format you want to generate the file into. It will give you the option of pdf too. So, you can choose the pdf option and click on “convert.”
  4. It will take a few seconds to convert the image and then you can download it on your computer. The file will be downloaded according to the drive location you have set. 

Is it Legal to Use these Convertors?

It is absolutely legal to use these convertors online. However, the main concern of all authorities remains that you must not use someone else’s image for other purposes. You cannot and you must not use someone else’s images or edit them to claim them yours. If you are using a convertor for any such task, then it will be considered illegal, by all means. 


Technology and the latest websites and softwares have certainly made life easier. With an online convertor, you can convert your files into any format that you want to. However, there are many scams too. Thus, pick your convertor wisely. We highly recommend Soda PDF for this purpose as it generates high quality conversions only. 

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