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The top 3 similarities between dab rigs and vape pens!

by Radhe Gupta

If you have been around the cannabis world for some time now, you must know the difference and similarities between various cooking methods and accessories. Just like bongs and bubblers have similarities and differences, such as the ease of use and the strength of the hit, certain methods are more similar than they are different!

We need to know the differences and similarities between smoking methods to find out which ones we will like the best when it comes to smoking cannabis. For those who want to try new things but are unsure where to start, begin with a smoking method you enjoy and then go from there!

By learning the pros and cons of each method, the ingestion method of cannabis, and the complexity when it comes to using the methods and which accessories to buy online, you can figure out the best way to smoke cannabis for your enjoyment.

3 similarities between dab rigs and vape pens

A dab rig is the main accessory and tool used with dabs or concentrates. Instead of inhaling smoke, dab rigs use vapor to ingest cannabis. Dab rigs typically come in either a small pipe or large bong, with the main components being the percolator, stem, and water chamber. These accessories are popular due to the high hits and high level of cannabis content per hit.

Vape pens are used with a vape pen cartridge that is compatible with your specific vape pen brand and type. Vape pens are discrete, easy to use, transportable, and good for beginners and advanced users alike. 

Good for beginners and advanced users

Although dab rigs are more complicated than other smoking methods electric dab rig, such as joints, bubblers, and vape pens, they can be used by beginner users and advanced users alike. For those who want something different than their typical smoking method, dab rigs provide a fun alternative that has big hits. 

Furthermore, for advanced users, those who are familiar with smoking nearly every day will enjoy the ability to customize their dab rig and vape pen experience.

Can get big hits

The second similarity between dab rigs and vape pens is the ability to get big hits. With dab rigs, you can pull directly from the wax or concentrate, which is more potent than just a joint or bubbler. With a vape pen, you control how much you want to inhale with each pull, so you can do very big pulls to get a more potent, strong, and long-lasting high. 

Fun to use!

The third similarity between vape pens and dab rigs is the ease of use and the fun you have while doing it! Vape pens are easy to use and can be passed around to your friends. Dab rigs have many accessories and let you customize the apparatus for a fun smoking experience that is personalized towards you. 


Although they may appear different from physical appearance and the product used, dab rigs and vape pens are more similar than you may think! Both dab rigs and vape pens are fun to use, provide big hits, and are good for both beginner and advanced users. 

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