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Perfect cake ideas perfect for kid’s birthday party

by Vinay Kumar
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Birthdays are special for everyone. It’s just that kid’s get a little bit more excited. For them birthdays are always about eating a cake, bursting balloons, and having lots and lots of gifts. We are going to focus on the cake because it’s about birthdays.

A kid’s cake has to be appealing. Anything that doesn’t appeal to their eyes is not worth their attention. A kid is more likely to get attracted to colourful cakes or cakes that are trending over the classic black forest or chocolate cake for birthdays. 

Every parent finds it hard to choose the perfect birthday cake for their kid. They know their kid’s preferences inside-out; hence they know anything will not suffice. It has to be unique in terms of design and flavour. Here is a list of kid-friendly cake ideas. You can order cake online in Hyderabad from the given options for your kid’s birthday. The ear-to-ear smile on the face and surprised eyes will convey the excitement and appreciation loud and clear. 

  1. Theme Cakes: Theme birthday parties for kids are nothing new. It has been in trend for years now. If you plan to throw a theme birthday party for your kid, you should order a theme birthday cake. Different varieties of theme cakes are available with online bakeries. From cartoons to superheroes to princesses to any fictional character you can think of, theme cakes bring the imaginary world alive. You can customise the cake as per your kid’s imagination as several bakeries provide customisation facilities for black party dresses
  • Barbie cake 
  • Minion cake
  • Disneyland cake (Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald duck) 
  • Jungle Theme cake
  • Superhero cakes (Spiderman, Superman, Batman) 
  • Cartoon cakes (Doreamon, Frozen princess, Chhota Bheem, McQueer Car) 
  1. Surprise  Cakes: Kid’s love the element of surprise. Anything that can make their heart go bonkers is dear to them. Surprise cakes have a hidden sweet surprise that will tickle the kid’s soul and taste buds. Surprise cakes will work best for them because the kid will not imagine that something like this could happen. Some ideas for a surprise cake.
  • Rainbow cake with hidden gems
  • Choco lava cake 
  • Loaded Sprinkle and Confetti cake 
  • Unicorn Heart cake ( as you cut, every layer will have a heart)
  • Gift hidden inside
  1. Pull-Me-up Cake: You know pull-me-up cakes are the recent cake trend. The fascination of icing flowing down has made it the most popular and liked cake of all birthday celebrations. You can order a pull-me-up cake for your kid’s birthday as it is trending, and moreover the excitement to pull the sheet and witness the ganache flowing down will be something out-of-the world experience for the kid. Make it even more special by going for some different pull-me-up cakes like: 
  • Barbie pull-me-up cake
  • Layered pull-me-up cake
  • Tiered pull-me-up cake
  1. Pinata Cakes: Another trending cake of 2021 is Pinata cake. Every Instagram story of a birthday celebration features a Pinata cake. The joy of breaking the outer shell and seeing a cake or sweet treats inside has made the cake popular. Kids love such activities, and so do they have such an affection for pinata cakes and the whole excitement of breaking a cake with the hammer. For the kids, you can choose these pinata cakes: 
  • Theme based pinata cake
  • Pinata cake with their favourite cake inside
  • Pinata cake with their favourite sweet treats
  1. Colourful Cakes: Kids like all things pretty and colourful. Bright colours brighten up their mood.A lot of varieties of colourful cakes are available with the bakery shops, you just have to pick the one that you feel will make his/her birthday vibrant. 
  • Rainbow cake 
  • Unicorn cake 
  • Kit Kat Gems cake
  • Cassata cake 
  • Rainbow marble glaze cake with lollipops
  1. Chocolate Cake: Chocolate is every kid’s favourite cake flavour. Give them a chocolate cake and they will be happy like anything. Chocolate cake in any form tastes delicious. You can make your chocolate cake standout by opting for a unique design such as: 
  • Chocolate finger cake 
  • Chocolate cheesecake 
  • Overloaded chocolate cake 
  • Mud chocolate cake 

 Cakes are the favourite dessert of kids. Birthday is one good excuse for them to eat a cake. Make sure you make their cake cutting and eating experience delicious and memorable by ordering these trending or appealing cakes for them. 

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