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Tips to follow to improve composition in writing class

by Yash Ranjan
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If they break down an essay into manageable parts, it will be much easier and fun for them to ace composition writing. Websites like premium essay database provide the best possible tips to ace composition writing.

Even after college, there will be times when you will have to write an essay for your university scholarship and that is when your composition writing skills will come in handy. One thing you should know is that essay writing consists of two types, persuasive and informative. You can be given either of the essays to write on but, in college, you will mostly be given a persuasive essay to write. Informative essays are usually written for college or university scholarships.

An informative essay is when essay is written in the form of a question. They’re usually formal in tone. You have to give your readers every information about the topic you’re writing on. This type of essay is known to be the easiest one to write.

A persuasive essay is when you present two arguments and give information on both of them and then give your own opinion by supporting either one of the arguments. And you have to be very convincing in your writing tone as you have to persuade the readers to adopt your concept or point of view.

When it comes to choosing a topic for your essay. You will most probably be given a topic to write about by your college professor. You will have to do some thorough research on it as strong arguments and support sentences will be needed when writing the essay. However, If you have the freedom to choose the topic, choose something substantial so it’s easier for you to research.

Here are some amazing tips for acing your composition writing class in college;

Make your introduction interesting

This part is something you will have to master if you want to ace your composition writing class. An introduction is something the reader will read first so, if it’s boring, the reader won’t have the motivation or interest to finish the essay.

Add a little conversational element to it so the reader feels that someone is having a conversation with them about the essay. This makes your essay interesting.

Use reliable sources for research

Much information on the internet can be fake. Be careful when choosing a website for research. If your information is fake, your teacher won’t even take a second to fail you.

This is why you should always use reliable sources for research. If you can’t find a legit website on the internet. You can go to a library and research over there using the books there.

Don’t be too wordy

This is something you should always keep in mind whether you’re writing an essay or something else related to writing. Always keep your sentences short and don’t get too wordy when describing things as it gets boring for the reader to read a whole paragraph about just one thing.

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