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What Bed Size Should I Get?

by Yash Ranjan
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According to recent market sales, the most popular bed size by new couples is Queen sized. But, really there is no ideal bed size for all couples. It all depends on personal preference and comfort level, which can range from individual to individual. Some people are picky when it comes to their bed and thus, require only the best quality bed.

A lot of research and studies confirm that Queen sized beds have more space for sleeping, yet it gives a great night’s sleep. A study made at Cornell University showed that when a person sleeps on a Queen sized bed, his or her body will feel more relaxed and it will be easier to drift off to sleep. Hence, if you want to give your bedroom a boost and make it more comfortable, then an ideal bed size would be Queen sized ones.

Choosing the ideal bed size could end up giving you the right mattress size as well. And if you have a bigger room, then there are more options to choose from. If you have a huge room then you could go for a California King or even a European Queen. However, if you have only a small room like say a studio apartment, then you could go with the traditional Queen sized mattresses. As long as you have ample space, then it doesn’t matter what your room size is.


Another way to go about choosing the ideal bed size is to base your decision on how much space you have. If you have a spacious room then obviously you would want to go for larger mattresses. However, if you have a small room then you would go for smaller ones. This is based on research done by sleep health experts. It says that if you have roughly 25 inches of space in between your bed and the wall, then you can safely go for a Queen-sized mattress that is just 15 inches longer than a single bed.

The Queen bed height is the distance between the top of the mattress’s box spring and the actual mattress’s height. In case your head and neck are heavier than this, then you should go for the slightly taller ones. Most people prefer the slightly taller ones, simply because it gives them enough space to open their eyes and sleep comfortably. Some folks, however, feel that this height is rather inconvenient especially when their head is only a few inches high.

Current Living Space

The other way to go about deciding upon the ideal size for your new bed is based on your current living space. What you should do first is to measure your current living room thoroughly. You can simply use a tape measure and a pencil to measure the width, length, and heights of your living space. Once you have your measurements, you can easily come up with a table showing the dimension of your new bed. From there, you can easily decide upon the different mattress sizes that will best fit your room.

Mattress Sizes

Next, you also have to consider the available different mattress sizes. Generally, queen and full-size mattresses are available in different sizes. Naturally, these sizes are based on different measurements like the width and the length. Here is a handy tip though; you can make sure that the size you get fits your needs by using the following calculation. 

Assuming you have a spare room for your kids, then you would want a twin-size mattress. A California King size mattress is ideal for your bigger family. If you want to have more space in your bedroom, then you can go ahead with the European bed sizes. Remember though; never buy the regular mattress sizes because most probably they won’t serve your purpose. If you want your bedroom to serve as an ideal spot for rest, then you must have the right size of twin mattresses. Check out the comparison guide between Twin vs Twin XL, and you will be able to get the right one.

One of the factors to consider in choosing the ideal bed size is how your bedroom is laid out. The most common measurements for bedrooms are the width and height of the room. However, because of different preferences, each person’s bedroom may be laid out differently. Here are the recommended dimensions of different bedroom sizes:

* Length: When it comes to twin beds, the length of the mattress should be longer than the floor-length. For reference, the average American bedroom has a floor-length of 42 feet. The ideal length for twin beds would be just below the diagonal line of the floor-length. This will give you the space needed for climbing on top of the bed and still leave enough space beneath for walking.

* Height: The ideal bed sizes for twin beds would be just below the headboard on each side. The reason for this is to allow for enough space beneath the mattress for walking and stretching. The standard American bedroom is about chest height high. Most people do not have enough room underneath their bed for their nightstands or dressers. Most twin beds are around 10 feet long. If you want to add a drawer to the side, you will need to adjust the length accordingly.

* Depth: Measure the width and depth of your bedroom with a tape measure. The depth will be the same as the depth of the queen or king bed frame. The queen and king frames should be roughly the same depth. This will give you the room needed for storage beneath the mattress. If you purchase a mattress with drawers, they will be the same depth as the mattress.

* Breathability: Many people do not realize that the king mattress is made from two layers of foam rather than one. The foam cells are much more compact, which allows air to pass through them more quickly. A king mattress can fit into a tighter space than a queen mattress because of its size and shape. If you want the airflow to circulate faster, purchase a queen mattress.


Based on recent market sales, couples most commonly buy the largest bed in their house, regardless of the size they prefer. But for some people, there is no ideal bed size. It depends on individual preference and personal comfort level, which can range from single people to a married couple. Married couples with pets and children usually like extra-large bed sizes such as a King or queen. However, for singles, a single size will do just fine.

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