by Vinay Kumar

A family health insurance is one which covers the members of the family their hospitalization pre and post hospitalization charges medicines consumable services and items etc. If you are looking for an appropriate mediclaim cover then you can easily compare the policies on internet. Such health insurance plan for family provides the coverage for two or more members of the family at the same time (in case if they are hospitalized at the same time). This provides the presently for mediclaim insurance for you, to your spouse and children, old parents or the others members of the family dependent on the policyholder. This is actually a blessing in case of big families.

Amid this critical situation of pandemic this has become a necessity. In order to secure your families against the uncertainties of big medical risks such health plans should top everyone’s priority list. Now-a-days these plans also provide the coverage for covid-19. 

What is health insurance plan?

Health insurance plan can also be termed as a mediclaim policy that is offered by the companies to remembers the cost of hospitalization and other expenses incurred during uncertain medical emergencies. The most important benefit of such plans is that it takes care of the large families in which there is a member of every age group, may they be children or grandparents. Let‘s now discuss some important benefits of the health insurance plan for families.

  1. Cashless and stress free insurance cover: The companies provide cashless and stress free insurance cover. The cashless cover is a benefit because you are not supposed to run for money in order to get the patient hospitalized. Because you don’t need to make the advance payment offering a large sum of money. Also if you opt for the health plans for family then there is no need to take individual policies. This brings down the possibility of paying a separate premium for each member of your family and thus making the situations stressing. At times of need insured person can avail the benefits of the policy just like the insurance plans in the pre mentioned network of hospitals. In this way all the members of the family becomes eligible for a proper treatment without compromising or waiting for the treatment.
  2. Easy addition of the family members in the plan: under these plants it is easy to add the number of members to the already going on health plan. This is easy and less time consuming as compared to getting a new policy for a new member. Also this ensures the maximum benefits at low cost. In case the eldest member dies or order term of his insurance expires the other members can continue to enjoy the benefits of the policy without any compromise.
  3. Affordable premium: The premiums under these policies sound affordable because you are not needed to pay individual premiums for each and every family member. Instead all the family members are covered under a single premium. What it is wise to take a separate policy for the parents as they might have age related health issues.
  4. Covid corerage plans: Many insurers are today providing coming forward with the covid-19 coverage plans that ensures the payment of hospitalization due to the pandemic including the payment of consumables like p.e.p kits, i.c.u. charges, ventilators, sanitizers etc. Almost all of the insurers are providing the corona treatment coverage under the basic health insurance plan.
  5. Discounted facilities: Under health insurance plan some special discounts are offered at times which make these best option for family.
  6. Tax benefits: Under the clauses of income tax act of India health insurance premium is given exemption from taxes. One who was paying the insurance premium for his family and parents is eligible for the exemption of the amount of premium from his income tax file.
  7. Additional benefits: It is necessary to study the terms and conditions of the plans properly as many of these plans have the additional benefits such as maternity cover, old illnesses cover, age specific coverages etc. So in order to avail the maximum benefit it’s essential to have a complete knowledge of the plan. However this is subject to waiting period clause.

Care health insurance plan is a comprehensive plan for the person insured and the immediate family members. The need of having such a health plan is at forefront during such hard times. The benefits mentioned above prove that the plan in worth its premium value. This is the right way of safeguarding you and your family against the uncertain medical emergencies without any compromise of treatment and without any stress of expenses. These are simple and easy to forfeit and use. In today’s world the health insurance plan for family is a must. 

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