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Hobbies that will add up to your acting career

by Vinay Kumar
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Acting is one of the most versatile professions. Different actors have their own styles of acting. An actor might be good at performing in drama movies whereas another actor might do well in a comedy. However, the skill of acting is common among all great actors. Being an actor, it becomes quite important that you keep your acting skills refined. In fact, that is the primary requirement for becoming a successful actor. But, keeping yourself restricted to just acting might not be a great idea. Especially in an era where the competition is high for actors who are just starting out. Most people who come for giving their action auditions have some knowledge of acting. 

In this case, it might become difficult for you to have an edge over other actors because you do not have more to offer. Therefore, having other skills that are relevant to your acting profession can give you a career boost.

In today’s post, we will talk about some hobbies that you can pursue as an actor. These will not only help you boost your acting career but having a hobby helps you spend time as well. So, let us now take a look at some hobbies that you can pursue as an actor.

Hobbies to pursue as an actor

Singing: No matter which Bollywood movie you are watching, one thing is common in almost all of them – songs. Music is a crucial component of a Bollywood movie. Lately, we have seen many actors coupling their acting skills with singing and portraying it in their movies. 

One of the most popular male actors who is known for blending his singing with his acting is Ayushmann Khurrana. Since the beginning of his career, he has sung many songs in his movies which helped him gain recognition. The same goes for Shraddha Kapoor, another brilliant actress known for her singing and acting skills.

Dancing: We know that the Indian audience loves to see their favourite actors dancing on the big screen. Over the years, we have seen the evolution of music videos in Bollywood.

Due to this increasing demand for songs in Bollywood movies, it becomes important for the actors to learn how to dance. In fact, various movies are based on the idea of dance and feature some renowned dancers turned actors. 

Apart from this, dancing might come in handy in your acting auditions too. Your first break might not be as a lead actor but a backstage dancer. Therefore, you must improve and groom your dancing abilities as well.

Yoga/gymnastics:  As an actor, you have to perform under varying circumstances. The script is like the bible to you and you must try your best to do what the script requires tells you to do. But it can sometimes be difficult. For instance, there is a scene that requires you to run for a stretch and perform some stunts. Ideally, the director might hire a body double. However, if you are someone who does yoga or any other form of exercise regularly you can perform that scene on your own.

This is what creates an impact, as the audience would be watching their favourite actor performing a challenging scene. Regardless of this, physical fitness is really important. Therefore, you should start indulging in some form of physical activity.

Reading: What is the first thing you do when you get a new movie or an ad? You read the script! Unless you have clarity about the entire script of the movie, play, or advertisement you will not be able to give your best shot.  

An actor’s life is full of hardships, you might have to face a lot of ups and downs in your career. This is where reading turns out to be helpful. If you are an avid reader, you can read motivational books. These books can be a great companion in difficult times. Reading motivational books will give you the strength to face any difficulty that might arise in the future. Above all this, it broadens your thinking horizon which is something one needs in their lives. Therefore, you should start reading more books. 

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Golfing: While not all actors go to the greens to show off their swings, golf courses are havens for potential sponsors or valuable networks. It is where you can reveal your sporty side and connect easily with influential people without having to ask a friend of a friend for an awkward introduction.Before you visit these places, it’s important to make sure that you have decent golfing skills. If you’re on a budget, golf hitting mats and a basic club will help you hone your posture and swing. For serious dreamers, invest in a golf simulator if you’re keen to catch the attention of other golfers at the soonest.

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