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Bollywood movies that motivate to appear for exams like SSC CPO mains

by Yash Ranjan

Their entry makes the audience whistle, clap and hoot. The style of reel heroes captures the fans’ gazes in a way that is hard even to resist. The drama, the action, the humour and the fashion statement, everything is on point and mesmerising. Yes, we speak about the Bollywood actors and actresses who leave no stone unturned to take us by surprise. 

Bollywood and action go hand in hand. Where the villain gets on our nerves, the hero saves society. Not just the hero, also the heroines sweep us with their swift moves and strong personalities.

One such role is where the main leads wear the Khaakee uniform, and the uniform reminds us of the heroes who protect us like the guardian angels.

Let’s see a few movies where the actors respectfully wore the police uniform. 


A movie by Ajay Devgn, about an officer who is honest to his Vardi, loves the nation and fights against evil. Bajirao Singham came into the theatres becoming the ultimate hit. 

When the first movie became an ultra hit, there was no doubt that the sequel named Singham Returns will indeed return for the public’s entertainment.


After the superhit Wanted stole the hearts of fans, Salman Khan came up with the Dabangg. Epic dialogues, strong star cast, spectacular action-packed scenes and songs that make one groove. This movie was a super hit, and the dialogues were mimicked in various age groups. 

Although the movie starts with the story of a corrupt police officer, it soon takes a twist where he undergoes a significant transition.

The Dabangg was soon followed by the sequels, which were equally appreciated.


The famous dialogue regarding the date 2nd October is fresh in everyone’s mind. Memes, jokes and various other fun content were also shared considering the same movie scene. Apart from the stomach-clenching story, strong cast, and fantastic performance, one thing no one could miss was the acting and personality of actress Tabu. 

The way she carries the uniform and the duty of a police officer is truly commendable. 


The name of the movie itself says a story. Mardaani- Masculinity. A lady, a wife, a daughter but first; An officer who worships her duty and takes the world head-on. The movie starring Rani Mukherjee is indeed a motivation for all the women who wish to join the force but are dicey about their choices. Unsure, scared and unaware of what they are capable of, many women let the dream die before trying.

One may learn many things from this movie and many factors that can be the cause of motivation for an aspirant.


As witty as he is in the movie, Ranveer Singh {Sangram Bhalerao) shows a side that can stir our thoughts. A vibrant orphan who strives to become a police officer gets there by hook or crook. The only difference is, he wishes to become a police officer and joins duty with some unsettling thoughts and blends into corruption. The sole aim he comes forward with is making money in an unethical way until a storm shakes his foundation of beliefs.

The officer he becomes later is truly an inspiration to fight against injustice and crime. It also concludes a message that it’s never too late to choose the right and ethical path.

There are many such movies Bollywood brought in and will surely motivate the young generation to serve the country and pay a tribute in one way or another to all the officers.

No matter the rank or the duty or type of uniform, the Vardi is the ultimate pride and dream for many. But, it doesn’t come easy as we expect. For having this honour of wearing the Vardi, one must attempt competitive exams for various opportunities such as SSC CPO. 

Although the SSC CPO mains syllabus is vast and challenging, proper guidance and practice can make it happen. Staff Selection Commission Central Police Organisation is conducted for the recruitment of Sub- Inspector of Police. Like we see in Bollywood movies, clearing the exams and fitting in the SSC CPO physical criteria is equally important to score the job. After all, it takes a lot more than the imagination to become a Hero in real life!

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