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10 Fascinating Facts about Live Online Casino Dealers (You Probably Didn’t Know)

by Yash Ranjan
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Online gambling is now a $66.7 billion industry that is projected to grow to over $92 billion within the next three years. It’s not too surprising, and then, those online casinos are now more popular than ever before. But there’s more to this industry than you might think – for instance, there are actually 10 fascinating facts about live online casino dealers (you probably didn’t know)! Continue reading to explore more about this glamorous side of the industry.

1. Live Online Casino Dealers Are Quite Popular! 

An estimated 50 million people will use live casino dealers in 2025, representing around 17 percent of the total global population gambling online. It’s a huge number, which is why live online casino dealers are such an important part of the industry. 

Live casino dealers are the most valued position at online casinos. They generate the highest revenue for a dealer in each casino, followed closely by sports books (with $1,399 per year). 

2. Live Casino Dealers Are Mostly Female

Although male dealers staff traditional land-based casinos, the online gambling world is a little more even split. According to stats, 53 percent of live dealers are female. This is probably because more women enjoy playing online than men (according to survey data). 

The average age of an online casino live dealer is 35, and the average of all dealers globally is 32. 

3. An Average Live Casino Dealer Makes $6,000-$11,000 Per Month

A live online casino dealer is not someone you just happen upon. When you’re applying for a job, you need to complete a 15-minute questionnaire. Then, you’re invited to play a demo game against human dealers via webcam on your own computer. 

It’s a long process that takes about 6 weeks and involves two video interviews with the management team. If you’re lucky enough, your monthly income will start at $6,000- to 11,000 US Dollars. That’s a pretty competitive salary for the industry.

4. Many Online Casino Dealers Are Also Poker Players

It’s no surprise that many live casino dealers are also poker players. According to some surveys, about 70 percent of live online casino dealers are also poker enthusiasts. It’s a good way to broaden up this industry and earn lots of money. Plenty of live casino dealers make six figures by playing poker on the side.

5. Live Casino Dealers Have Amazing Memories

This is probably the most amazing fact of all – live online casino dealers have unforgettable memories! That’s because they’re fully trained to memorize everything that happens in a game, including the cards, hands, players’ names, etc. One has to be an extremely hard worker to do this. Most live casino dealers are trained for six months before they can become members of the dealer team – that’s quite a commitment!

You might not think it, but live casino dealers have actually been in training for years before they feel ready to take on the job. They have to undergo strict physical and mental examinations that are designed to keep them sharp and energetic while they work long hours all day, every day.

6. Online Casino Dealers Are Not Bad at Playing Their Own Game

All of the live casino dealers are very skilled at playing the game. On average, the dealers win 60 percent of hands. This is remarkable since it means they’re better than most players are. It’s impossible for most humans to be better at table games than they are – but these guys are!

In the online gambling industry, dealers are a very important part of the business. If you’re interested in becoming one yourself, read this blog post about live casino dealers eat away (먹튀).

7. Most Live Online Casino Dealers Are Self-Employed

The fact that the industry is so reliant on live online casino dealers shows that they aren’t just a sideline thing. They are playing an important role in the overall casino experience for many players – that’s why they have to be professional!

Live casino dealers are no different from any other type of dealer in terms of pay or hours worked.

8. They Have to Learn How to Deal Hundreds of Different Cards

A lot of people think that dealing only with live casino cards is a bit hard, but it can actually be quite challenging! The way dealers deal with live casino cards is different than how human dealers deal with cards at land-based casinos. The two methods are completely different and require a lot of memorization.

Dealers have the choice of learning hundreds of card games – some of which are new to the industry. Most dealers choose an online casino’s “house” games for this reason. Why? Because it means they’ll learn even more cards to deal with.

9. Only 3% of Live Online Casino Dealers Make Over $100,000 Per year

Not every person who deals with live casino games can become a millionaire. Online casinos have to hire a lot of people in an industry as competitive as this one. That’s why only 1.6 percent of all live casino dealers make over $100,000 USD per year.

Most of the time, it’s really hard for a live online casino dealer to break the six-figure mark. Although most casinos pay on merit, some do use seniority to determine who gets what.

10. Live Casino Dealers Do Not Want You to Lose

Let’s just say that the live online casino dealers have your back. They don’t want you to lose your real money games, which is why they try to advise players on how the cards are being dealt. Most of them act this way without even thinking about it,

The odds tend to be in favor of online casinos because of the extreme amount of work required for live casino dealers, but the dealers can still win hands from time to time.

Closing Notes

In the end, live online casino dealers are not as much like Vegas card sharks as you might think. They are there to help you and make your gambling experience more transparent.

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