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Northern Rescue Season 2:Review, Ratings, Questions, Cast.Releases In Detail

by Darshan Modi

Northern Rescue season 2 is finally here and we are pumped! We have been waiting for this to come out since the first one ended. This article will review, rate, answer questions about, and give information on the cast of Northern Rescue season 2.

What are the ratings for this show?

The rating for Northern Rescue season one was 74 out of 100. This does not seem very good, but it has done better than some other tv shows on Netflix (such as Girlboss). For Northern Rescue season two, the rating so far is 71%. It looks like they have improved over last year.

the show has a great rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes with over 175 reviews so far! It is also currently ranked one of the best TV shows for 2018 by Metacritic.

I am excited to watch Northern rescue season two because I loved watching seasons one and three! There were many things that I liked in this new installment, such as how the Denny character is portrayed. I also liked how their reactions to the baby were more realistic than most tv shows usually show.

what’s interesting about this season?

the two Denny’s are different – one is on the side of good and one is fighting for his life, so I am interested to see what happens with them.

I can’t wait to watch this new season! It looks like they have improved from last year in terms of ratings as well; hopefully, it will be better than the last season.

I am also very excited to see how they portray the Denny character and his son because it is so different than what we usually see in tv shows: a man with autism who has an infant child of his own, which creates some interesting challenges for him. I think this will be a powerful storyline that both entertains and makes people think about the challenges that are faced by families like theirs.

I am also interested in seeing how they will depict a deadly car accident and how it affects everyone involved, including those who survive as well as those who have left behind children of their own or even grandchildren. I want to see if this family can come together once again after the accident.

I am also very interested in seeing what happens with the baby, who was born at the end of season one. I want to know if they will find out about him and how this person is going to fit into their family dynamic as well as all that has happened since then.

cast details:

the cast includes Allison Tolman, Zal Quarnian, Kyle Chandler, and many more.

released date:

it is released on March 13, 2019.

more about the series:

showrunner: charlie brooks, in McDowell.

network and time slot:

the series airs on ABC on Tuesday nights on 20th June 2019.

premiere date: March 13, 2019.

episodes number: 16.

I give it a rating of nine out of ten stars because the show is very well written and really makes you feel as if you are part of their family too even when your not watching them but also giving an insight into what war does to people without glorifying it like some other tv shows do with violence for no reason or getting all patriotic about how Americans are good in wars so they deserve more credit than everyone else which never helps anyone’s mental health.


this show is about the northern rescue team based in gander, Newfoundland, and labrador. there are many missions they do to save lives, but also just make sure people get home alright.

Season one is very good with a lot of action, drama, and heartbreak that really makes you feel for all the characters involved especially mike who has a wife and three kids he’s not always around for because his job keeps him away from them so much which strains their marriage. Ian is lost at sea when he falls off an ice breaker into open water while checking out reports of another boat sinking or if it could be fake news since nobody can find any evidence that anyone was on board. season two starts right where we left off with Ian’s disappearance.

the team is faced with a new mystery when they are called to help search for three missing teenagers in some woods near gander, Newfoundland, and labrador. Scott has been looking into these cases of kids going missing following an incident he found out about while working on his own investigation into another girl who was abducted from her school bus stop. this includes searching train stations and roadsides but their concern grows when there is no sign of anything after five days which isn’t normal at all.

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