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Do You Know the Role of Propylene Glycol in Vape Oil Kit?

by Yash Ranjan
Know the Role of Propylene Glycol

In line with the pace of our modern lives, people have turned to some alternative ways of using CBD products. Not only because it looks better and is easier to use than the old-fashioned smoking of the hemp flower, but also because of the potential health benefits.

Experts claim that CBD may help treat various health disorders, remaining an alternative that allows us to avoid synthetic drugs, which can cause addiction. If you wish to become a CBD user, you might want to search for tinctures, cartridges, gummies, hemp creams, or try a CBD vape kit.

With so many different products on the market, we are currently in CBD wonderland and can find very specific products. Gummies are edibles, used just like candy which allows you to stay “under the radar” while consuming CBD on the go.

There is still inhaling of smoke with a vape oil kit, but reputedly much less harmful than traditional smoking of the hemp flower. Tinctures are almost like edibles, working their way into your body by applying a few drops below the tongue.

The potential health benefits of CBD we have mentioned are as follows. CBD can help treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic and acute pain, wrinkles, acne, black circles under the eyes, improve metabolism, etc.

If not already one, you may want to consider becoming a regular CBD user, considering all the upside it can offer. 

From this point onward, we’ll focus solely on propylene glycol in vape oil kits.

What Is Propylene Glycol?

The colorless and odorless trait of propylene glycol doesn’t mean that it has mild effects. It is, in fact, a viscous liquid. Propylene glycol can dissolve a variety of substances. For this reason, we’ll dig a little deeper into the effects it has.

Firstly, we commonly use it as a food additive. E.g., it can extend the life of various foods you keep stored by preventing deterioration when exposed to oxygen. Additionally, it can prevent the drying out of food products.

As a more important point for our topic, we have to discuss the fact that we add it to e-liquids used for vaping. But why do we do this?

Well, we combine Propylene glycol (PG) with vegetable glycerin (VG), which is a standard thing for e-liquid manufacturers. PG’s primary function here is to keep all the components in the e-liquid well combined and mixed together as a whole.

The vegetable glycerin is the one that determines the thickness of the liquid. Namely, the more VG in the product, the more intense the flavor will be, and the more vapor will come out. 

Top Benefits of Vaping Kits

Here are the top benefits for your health and fitness routine that should help you decide if you should include CBD capsules. Here are the upsides to getting them:

  1. It’s affordable – The price of CBD vape products on the market is, in fact, lower than old-fashioned cigarettes;
  2. There are various flavors – To name only a few, there are strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, apple, and watermelon flavors that are there for you to choose your favorite;
  3. It’s better than tobacco – According to various research papers, vaping is circa 95% less harmful than cigarettes;
  4. There’s no unpleasant smell – The smell of cigarettes can stay for a while on your clothes, hands, and hair. Vaping, on the other hand, is odorless;
  5. You can control the nicotine intake – With traditional cigarettes, there is no way of knowing how much nicotine you allow into your body. With vaping kits, you can minutely control the exact daily intake;

Are There Any Dangers of Propylene Glycol Infused Vaping Kits?

Many are concerned with the fact that propylene glycol is a component of antifreeze and is, in fact, highly toxic. This leads people to believe that the PG, itself, is a poisonous product. However, that’s not the case. 

There have not yet been any negative side effects reported of PG. Naturally, like most other things, you needn’t consume it in huge, inexplicable quantities. Being moderate in almost everything in life is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

So, to answer your question: PG is safe to use. It’s used in many foods as an additive. And another concern to be resolved is whether PG is safe to vape – The answer is also yes. It’s not toxic, it’s safe, and unlike tobacco, it doesn’t have cancer-causing side effects.

The Wrap Up

After this detailed insight into the role of propylene glycol in vaping kits, the main benefits, and the possible dangerous side effects, we hope you have a clearer idea about its application and safety. We suggest that you always stay up-to-date and be well informed.

Good research of products you intend to use, checking their credibility, reputation, and reviews is an excellent approach. Try not to be lazy when it comes to doing that research.

We hope we managed to provide the info you were expecting to find. Good luck!

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