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How Plants Help Boost Your Business

by Vinay Kumar

Business is not just built on its employees. They are also built on prospects. Adding valuable employees to your team can make a difference in success and failure of your business. This may sound crazy, but plants in an office environment can be one of the driving reasons to boost your business. Just like plants are a beautiful enhancement to your garden they bring a positive environment to your workplace. When workers are in a more focused and creative mindset, they can think outside the box to come up with new solutions to workplace problems. Here’s how plants can help boost your productivity

Plants Enhance Creativity

The study has found that the presence of plants in the workplace increases the level of creativity. This can be attributed to the fact that plants are a direct representation of nature, and individuals draw inspiration from them. One study has also suggested that the presence of foliage in general helps calm the basic human instincts. The resulting relaxation then allows the individual to engage in more creative thinking.

Plants help increase productivity

Many researchers have found that the presence of green and lush plants in the workplace increases overall productivity. Tasks are completed faster, fewer mistakes are made, and attention and concentration levels are increased. This is particularly true in the case of computer workers who experienced a 10–15% increase in their productivity due to the presence of plants in research studies.

Conserves energy

Exterior wall greenery can also reduce energy costs. In the hot summer months, the plant-covered trailing prevents the full heat of the sun’s rays from reaching the building’s walls. Many commercial complexes have frighteningly architectural features and equipment they would hide. Tracking panels can provide a strong structure, on which plants can grow and eventually form an attractive and protective wall of greenery. It both improves the aesthetics of a building and also provides a shield from the damaging effects of weather including acid rain, UV light, and wind.

Plants produce clean air

Plants help clean the air. They improve the air quality of a workplace as they absorb pollutants, dust and more present in the air. Clean air translates into a more relaxed and healthier work environment, and consequently fewer employees promote sickness and absences as well as overall health for office workers.

Reduce stress

Stay calm and decorate your work center, because a green office is a stress-free office. It is also more relaxing and enjoyable for workers helping to restore nature’s balance. Business owners and employees will enjoy a long list of therapeutic benefits – notably the stress hormone, cortisol deficiency. And with increased levels of stress (and all that overtime), it is not surprising that the next generation of “corporates” are choosing to combat traditional office culture with the help of nature.

Plants drive away mental fatigue

Mental exhaustion is a productivity killer, which is why taking a mental minibreek several times a day can restore energy, vitality, and focus. A 40-second micro-break spent looking outside in a roof garden has been shown to be far more restorative than looking at a concrete view. Patients have been shown to recover quickly from illness and surgery if the view from a hospital bed includes greenery and nature. Getting a desk close to a window with natural light and a green outlook is ideal, but it will not be available to everyone. This is where planter boxes, desk pot plants, green walls and indoor trees can help bring the office to life. Tree planting services are a great way to make an impact on the environment and create lush forests. These days, it doesn’t have be difficult or expensive for people in our community get involved with green activities like tree planting!
Elk Grove tree planting service offer several types of plants including: oak trees · chestnut oaks  & other species such as elms which can withstand higher temperatures

Contributes to positive employee attitudes

Hiring and retaining talented employees is an important consideration for many companies and part of employee satisfaction is the environment in which they work. Several studies have shown additional greening of positive impact at and around the workplace on employee satisfaction and retention levels. A happy employee is more creative, productive and loyal.

There are many plants that bring positive energy in the workplace such as lucky bamboo trees, jade plants, bonsai plants, money plants, snake plants, etc. You can find these on any reputable online nursery. Also, you can gift these eco-friendly plants to your employees and associates and maintain a healthy relationship. Happy gifting! Have a safe and healthy environment!

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