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In 2021, The Best Ways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

by Aryan

These days, cryptocurrencies can be found almost everywhere. It’s there when you go to your favorite technology or finance location. It’s there whenever you watch the tv. It’s there whenever you talk to your coworkers, colleagues, and relatives about it. While this interest is beneficial to the blockchain business, it does imply that acquiring bitcoin and other digital assets is getting more costly.

However, even if bitcoin’s price is skyrocketing, there are chances to solve free cryptocurrencies in 2021. Most of these would enable you to join up for services (then they’re not free), but they do have various ways for you to build up your cryptocurrency portfolio overtime at a low rate. But before we dive into the top ways to earn a free cryptocurrency guide, if you want to do trading on a secure platform where you can build your confidence then you should register yourself and get started.


The realms of fintech and cryptocurrency are starting to converge, and that one of the benefits of this blending is that a better future appears every month, promising some sort of cardholder with crypto cashback incentives. Fold, for instance, became one of the first cryptocurrency startups to sell a Prepaid debit card that Chinese with bitcoin for transactions made at retail stores. It was quickly preceded by cryptocurrency exchange Gemini and lender BlockFi, which have subsequently launched similar services. There’s also a bitcoin loan released in March through Mogo in Canada and promises up to $3,100 in rebates.

Gemini’s card allows users to win up to 3% back in cryptos, but although the benefits aren’t huge, they can add up with time if you’re using the cards often.


Although airdrops are not quite as frequent as they once were, they still provide a perfect way to get new cryptocurrency for free. In simple terms, an airdrop occurs when the creators of a modern blockchain network offer away the platform’s native cryptocurrency to increase acceptance and build a user base.

It’s far from certain that a new cryptocurrency you get would appreciate, but with comparatively big cryptos like Stellar, NEM, and Decred having received their airdrops, a tiny percentage of participants will strike it rich. Various blogs, such as airdrops.io, including airdropalert.com, establish a directory of potential airdrops. These specifics each platform’s specific airdrop, allowing you to determine if their cryptocurrency has a decent chance of being useful in the future.

Swap Freebies

You can profit from being the recipient of a promo offer, depends on which crypto-currency platform you use. Binance, the largest global cryptocurrency exchange by market rate, is the most notorious proof of this. Binance hosts promotions daily, the majority of which are for its native BNB token. Even so, you might claim that some incentives are not free since they usually need you to sign up for anything or complete a specific volume of transactions. Coinbase, another one of the largest global markets, runs a giveaway program by itself. In its situation, it rewards users with limited amounts of cryptocurrency in exchange for participating in its elementary teacher.


If you’re a successful thinker with your WordPress site, setting up a donate button or facilities on your platform is one way to win free crypto. You may notice that by publishing the contact account for your Bitcoin wallet and presenting money, some of your most ardent supporters end up giving you a tiny sum of bitcoin. Many organizations and a large number of blogs, writers, and academics already do this. While the free bitcoin or cryptocurrency is reimbursement for your job, you would not have earned it anyway, so you may believe it’s a gift.


Staking is a method used by an increasing variety of cryptocurrencies, including Tezos, Algorand, and Icon, to protect their networks. This requires consumers to stake their tokens to verify purchases, for which they are compensated with interest. Since Ethereum will begin staking sometime in early 2019, staking is expected to become quite common. Users may use staking support rendered by digital currencies such as Binance and Coinbase to avoid dealing with blockchains specifically. 

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