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Love in a Dangerous Time: or How COVID-19 Changed the World of Dating?

by Radhe Gupta
World of Dating

COVID-19 changed much of the world, including the ways that we find love. The only method that was safe enough for most people to take part in was online dating. Finding love in this dangerous time was crucial to the emotional well-being of many people, after all. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at how COVID changed everything about dating and how online dating picked up the slack. 

Be ready for new rules of online dating

The first thing that most people learn about online dating in these times when we see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding COVID-19 is that people are more serious about dating sites now. Dating sites were inundated with new people that were not willing to put off their search for love, bringing in an entirely new crop of people that want something significant. Sure, they blended in with the throngs of people looking for a date to find companionship or something less serious. But millions of people choose to use a dating site over the last year rather than meet someone in a local bar, and it’s clear that a bigger portion than ever before expects online dates to be in line with the goals of dating in person. These rules include:

  • people are spending more time in the early stages of relationships;
  • most people are too scared to meet up with strangers right now;
  • there is greater competition for partners.

These are just some of the rules you can expect to see online. 

High-tech, low-touch dating

The biggest change about online dating is that it is no longer possible to meet someone and run out the door to meet them at a local shop. Most people are too afraid of the virus to get close to someone they just met. Instead, dating relies mostly on technology to help people feel close rather than the sensation of touch. 

Dating sites add helpful features

Online dating sites did everything they could to make the online dating experience easy to adjust to for their users. More and more services launched video-chatting elements on their website to help people feel as though they were having a face-to-face chat. Another major helpful feature that was added on many sites was the ability to seek out romantic partners that were local to the site user. That way, they can find people that are interested in them yet close by. When adjusting to online dating, one of the worst things for many people was the feeling that there was a lack of connection owing to the distance between the site users. Local dates helped to bridge the gap while also ensuring the users were safe. 

The nearest future of dating

According to the analysis of past dating outcomes, it’s clear that the future of online dating is likely to be even brighter. Now that millions of people used these services throughout the outbreak period, they will be more willing to use them in the future. The analysis of the information that the sites have provided over the last decade or so reveals that online dating is a growing trend that will attract more people from a wider variety of social classes than before. People love the ease with which romance can start on these sites! 

Finding love is a worthy endeavor for those willing to put themselves out there in these troubling times. You may find that dating sites have changed to your liking or that they are completely different than you remember. Either way, such services stand the best chance at providing you with the partners that you will enjoy being around or perhaps love.

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