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Clubs with the most expensive lineups in the world

by Yash Ranjan
Clubs with the most expensive

After each transfer window, a count is made. Everyone is interested in how much this or that club spent. But spending is one thing, results is another. The real value of the players is calculated according to various factors: age, performance, current condition, etc. Then, against the background of these data, the total cost of the lineup of each club is displayed. Yes, the numbers may not be 100 percent accurate, but they are close. Now let’s talk about this in more detail.

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Barcelona (878.7 million)

In recent years, Barcelona have often overpaid for their players. However, not all of them are rapidly losing in transfer value after moving to a Catalan club. In addition, the “blue-garnet” still have the backbone of decent value footballers. This helps Barcelona become one of the three most valuable teams in the world. The current lineup of the Catalans is estimated at 878.7 million euros. The most expensive player of the “blue garnet” is, of course, Lionel Messi. The Argentine passed in the transfer value, but is still highly valued at 100 million. It is quite possible that Ansu Fati will take Leo’s place in a year or two. This youngster is already estimated at 80 million. Although Barcelona believe that the 18-year-old winger is worth 400 million.

Manchester City (1.08 billion)

Man City is the only club in the world to have spent over € 1 billion on transfers. Whether this is justified is another question. The current lineup is estimated at 1.08 billion. The most valuable player in Manchester City right now is Raheem Sterling. The transfer value of the winger is 128 million. Just 8 million behind Kevin De Bruyne. The footballers were bought for a decent amount (135 million for two), but it cannot be said that they are not progressing under Guardiola. Yes, Pep almost always needs transfers, but the team takes trophies, which means everything is justified.

Liverpool (1.08 billion)

Jurgen Klopp’s team makes more and more people from all over the world fall in love with him every year. Of course, Liverpool is also working in the transfer market. But the “reds” do not spend as much as the Man City, and the cost of the lineup of both clubs is the same. This is the merit of the entire organization: scouts, academy, coaching staff. Liverpool have spent a total of 83 million on Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. They are now the most expensive Reds players. Each of these players is valued at 120 million. Trent Alexander-Arnold costs just 10 million less. But nothing at all was invested in the defender, since he is a graduate of the academy. Now Liverpool has the most expensive team in the world, which is confirmed not only by the money, but also by the game.

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