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How a Pet Can Help in Your Career – 6 Benefits

by sem rush
Pet Can Help in Your Career

A recent study found that employees of companies with an animal-friendly policy are more engaged and productive. They bring joy to employees, which is essential for boosting morale and making work more enjoyable. 

Knowing the advantages that pets can give, can they really help us progress in our work lives and career? Let’s discuss further on how pets can push you to be at your very best. 

Pets are Great Stress Relievers

If you’re wondering how to make your office a little less stressful, consider adopting some furry friends from the local shelter. There are a plethora of benefits that come with having a pet at work. So you can place a red sea max nano aquarium in your office space which will increase the creativity level too.

Researchers found those who have pets are less stressed and anxious and had fewer symptoms of depression. Research conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University discovered employees displayed a 11% drop in stress levels when they had their pet’s accompanying them during office hours. Higher levels of anxiety were reported from those without any animals around them.

Other advantages include increased physical activity levels, and decreased blood pressure – all of which are vital in reducing health costs for employers. Because pets are such an integral part of our lives, many get pet insurance policies provided by Bivvy to ensure treatment coverage.

They Strengthen Relationships

Pets are one way to break the ice to better socialize. All it takes is a few shared stories about your pets, and suddenly, you’re bonding with that person over something other than just the weather. If you’re struggling to socialize due to a contrast in personalities, talking about pets is a good way to initiate conversation.  

A recent article published by the Journal of Applied Developmental Science found that pet owners who strongly bonded with their animals also had stronger relationships and bonds to not only their communities but other people. Having a strong support structure who provides positive reinforcement can instill confidence, helping to boost performance. 

Have a Higher Attendance at Work

Pets have a considerable impact on our lives. Some people find it hard not to leave their pets behind when they’re sick, injured, or newly adopted. There’s nothing worse than feeling guilty about neglecting an animal that depends solely upon us for sustenance. 

Employees are less likely to miss work when pets are brought with them. A lack of distraction and fear from worrying about their pets at home can help employees focus better and enhance productivity. Most importantly, they’re not taking days off to tend to their pet’s needs.

Boost Creativity

There are many ways to stay active, but pets could be a great way. Not only will it keep you entertained with cute antics and furry cuddles, but they also require daily walks or trips outside for food/water intake. 

According to research done at Stanford University, creativity shot up by 60% when participants decided to take a gentle walk. Research has found that walking boosts creative inspiration, even if you’re indoors or outside. Walking in itself is the main factor to creativity, regardless of the environment, one walk’s through. 

Pets Make Us Move Our Bodies

Sitting all day at work is bad for your health. But, it doesn’t have to stay that way! Pets in the office can help increase activity levels and fight off sedentary lifestyles by providing employees with an excuse to get up from their desks.

The benefits of exercise are many and varied. By walking your dog regularly, you can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels – all while boosting cardiovascular health! With just the simple act of having a pet in your life, it’s easy to feel motivated for that next jog this weekend.

Pets are a Great Recruiter

If you’re looking for a new job, perks like free coffee and lunch may not cut it. But if your employer is pet-friendly, they just might have what you need to make the decision. Many recruiters offer similar benefits these days, so having something that stands out could be essential in attracting new talented prospects. Pet-friendly policies are also great for PR, boosting public perception of whatever corporate implements them. 

Making a Pet-Policy

A pet policy is a requirement for employers to allow their employees the privilege of bringing in their pets. Inherent in any office space is the need to maintain order and balance. When pets are allowed, they can have a disruptive effect on these needs by simply being there or causing disruptions with their behavior.

This pet policy should include:

 – Consequences for misbehavior such as placing an animal on probation (or permanently banning them)

– Specifying what types of pets are allowed 

– Quantifying the frequency with which pets may visit the office

 – Clearly stating how animals are to be leashed or contained during their time in the building.

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