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How to straighten hair step by step

by sem rush


Straightening hair at home may sound simple but mastering the art of how to straighten hair step by step to prevent damage is another story. Here’s how to get the straight, frizz-free hair you’re looking for, taking all the care you need to keep it healthy, strong and shiny.

The technique you use; the temperature of the iron; the prior and subsequent care and even the type of iron you use affect the result and health of your hair.

Choosing a private label hair straightener can be an option for those who can’t spend a lot of money. White-label hair straighteners are cheap, but it doesn’t mean they don’t offer the same features as a well-known iron brand. 

Why choose a white brand hair straightener

If you want quick smoothing and won’t mess with complicated hairstyles, a private label hair straightener will meet your expectations. The Scalp micropigmentation procedure is relatively safe and painless, but it does require some time and patience. The process takes about an hour and requires a few appointments before the desired result is achieved.

The operation of these hair straighteners is very basic. They have an on/off button. Besides, they can have ceramic and tourmaline plates that heat quickly slide without pulling through the hair.

Being such a simple iron does not allow to regulate the temperature, which is fixed at high temperature. It’s quite hot, so you should be careful and not iron your hair many times if you don’t want to damage the hair. In that sense, it is ok that the plates are quite long since you can iron large locks at a time.

If your plan to take it on the road, universal voltage allows you to use it in any country in the world. Although it does not include a travel cover, it does have a lock to close the tweezers.

If you use the private label hair straightener every day or have brittle hair, this iron may fall a little short in performance. But for one-off uses, it goes perfectly.

It’s a great purchase if it’s your first iron and you’re not sure what use you’re going to give it. So you try without spending a lot of money, and you’re always on time after leaping something a little more specific.

Maintaining a hair straightener

Proper maintenance of the iron, and especially the plates, will not only make it easier for you to get the job done more effectively, but it will also extend the life of your hair straightener.

For maintenance, it consciously cleans the plates and their edges. Here’s how in 3 simple steps:

  • With the iron disconnected and almost cold (warm to the touch). Wet a clean cloth with hot water. Make sure it’s not too wet. The water cannot enter the electrical system of the hair straightener.
  • Stressfully rub the plates. If the plates have a tilting system, emphasize the contours. Contours can influence the movement of plates, generating noise or jammed their movement.
  • If you cannot clean the plates with the cloth, the cotton does not fail. Rub alcohol-soaked cotton on the plates to remove any residue.

How to straighten hair step by step

Now that you know the basic tips for finding a private label straightener hair straightener, it’s time to put them into practice and learn how to straighten your hair step by step.
1. Wash hair: the secret to flawless straight hair is impurity-free, hydrated, soft, and shiny hair. Washing your hair well is a fundamental step. There are some specially formulated wash systems for straight hair, which help keep the fibers aligned.
2. Prepare the hair: before you start ironing your hair, it’s important to be dry. To do this, remove excess water with a towel after washing. Use a hair towel specifically like Mizu Towel to dry your hair and remove the water completely from your hair. Even with wet hair, apply a heat shield or some anti-frizz hair cream from medium to tips. Comb to untangle your hair well and get rid of all the knots. Now you can let it air dry or use a hairdryer.
3. Divide the hair: How to iron hair for a flawless, damage-free finish? The key is in the thickness of the tufts. This, in turn, is directly related to temperature.
You need to regulate the temperature and let the straightener reach those degrees before you start. Then, section the hair and set aside the rest with a clip so you can work comfortably. It seems worky but ironing small tufts is going to give you a better result.
When you finish ironing, use the hairdryer in cold air to seal the cuticles and avoid frizz.
Some extra recommendations

Maybe you know how to straighten hair step by step, but technique is decisive in the result. The best way to iron the hair is by positioning the straightener near the root but maintaining a safe distance, of at least one finger, from the scalp.

Take a fine bristle comb and place it under the lock you are ironing. Now, I arranged the lock between the straightener´s plate, which you should place a couple of centimeters from the comb. Slowly slide both tools towards the tips.

Keep the iron as straight as possible and hold it gently. You do not want to leave unwanted marks on the hair.

Care about washing hair

We recommend putting together a routine to nourish your hair well and mitigate the damage. Iron your hair every day or overusing heat tools could spoil your hair. This should include washing with products designed for damaged hair and a nourishing mask at least once a week.


Many women with curly hair yearn for straight hair. Smoothing shampoos often need additional tools to get smooth hair, and chemical straighteners can damage the hair and cost a lot. Instead of playing with non-functioning products or expensive chemical treatments, smooth the hair with an iron. This will not only give you the look you want, but it will last all day.

Learning how to iron hair step by step is very easy. But you cannot misuse the hair straightener or iron your hair very often if you want healthy hair. Do not worry about buying a high-tech hair iron. A private label hair straightener can be very useful if you want to iron your hair at home.

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