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Here’s How to Get Real Instagram Followers in 2021.

by Thomas Browne

Are you just going to start with your new business? Are you excited to promote your brand through Instagram? Do you believe Instagram can help in successfully selling your product to the target market? Well, you can make it all happen by getting real Instagram followers.

Let’s talk practically! It is significant for you to understand that gaining the first set of followers on Instagram is one of the toughest jobs. The logical thinking behind this reason is that people aren’t aware of your Instagram existence yet. 

You have to prove to the new audience that you have got it all to become not only a successful brand but also a top-class social media influencer. Gaining real Instagram followers is going to be the biggest leap on your ladder of success.

Everything is possible if you find the right motivation and the right kind of guidance. If you follow our guide to get real Instagram followers, you will gain thousands of real Instagram followers in no time. And we are not kidding! It is the reality! And you will witness it pretty soon.

Here’s how you can gain real Instagram followers in 2021:

  • Join Instagram Engagement Groups
  • Repost Others’ Content to Gain More Real Followers
  • Ask All Your Current Customers to Share Their Experience
  • Maintain A Consistent Style
  • Create Instagram Guides

1.Join Instagram Engagement Groups:

Ever wondered about how some Instagrammers get real Instagram followers fast? The secret to such a good rise in the number of followers happens with the help of Instagram engagement groups, popularly referred to as Instagram pods. 

Joining Instagram engagement certainly seems like an interesting affair. But let’s talk real. You will probably gain a large number of real Instagram followers by directing all your efforts towards your niche. 

This simple tactic will make the perfect fit for all the new entrepreneurs who are just beginning to learn regarding how to gain real followers on Instagram.

Separate engagement groups like fashion, travel, beauty, and more can be easily found. People with a shared interest can get a chance to interact with your Instagram posts depending on their will. 

2.Repost Other’s Content to Gain More Real Followers:

Is this your first social media marketing experience? Do you want to gain some real Instagram followers fast? Then, start reposting others’ content more often. 

Ensure that you clearly mention all the credits related to the content you are going to repost. This is one of the best ways to get real Instagram followers fast. They will feel that you are being honest about everything you post. Avoid flagging your audience to build a strong presence on Instagram. Nobody will let you down when you are realistic about the facts. The audience will also value your content more, even if all you do is repost.

You can take screenshots and simply add the pictures to your Instagram stories and Instagram posts. But you can also try the Repost app if you wish to repost Instagram videos more often.

Why post other people’s content more than your own? Because it is easier. And you can be honest about where you get all the inspiration to do your own thing on Instagram. 

Instagram hashtags, pictures, and videos with the biggest reactions can help your real Instagram followers count shoot up on Instagram.

3.Ask All Your Current Customers to Share Their Experience 

If you are someone who is just starting on Instagram, then honest customer reviews can help in building an impactful Instagram presence for your business. Your current customers, their honest reviews, and brand experience will act as social proof. 

If you don’t have customers yet, then reaching out to some trending influencers on Instagram that fall into your niche category will certainly turn out to be a wise choice. 

Try getting in touch with an influencer who has a few Instagram followers, say 5000. Why so? Because such an influencer won’t charge a bomb for promoting your product or service through their Instagram. They will do the magic for you on a low budget only.

But if your brand already has a good number of sales or an offline market, then you can ask your customers to connect with you to share their reviews on Instagram by tagging your handle. Go ahead and offer them an incentive for doing so. It will not only build your brand but also your followers’ count on Instagram.

4.Maintain A Consistent Style:

When an Instagram follower gets in touch with your account, or in simple words, follows your Instagram account, it is mainly for two reasons:

  • The Instagram content you posted
  • The Instagram content you are going to post shortly

For instance, imagine you have an Instagram account that promotes good fashion sense. Now, every day you will be posting some new and interesting facts about fashion sense through pictures and videos on Instagram. And you do it without a fail.

Instagram followers will now set an expectation that you always post content relevant to good fashion sense. So, new followers hit the follow button to see more of such content on stories, reels and feed on Instagram. 

This shows that selecting a consistent theme is very much beneficial in getting real Instagram followers. All the current and potential Instagram followers will want to see more of the good fashion sense content every day. They will start trusting your brand even more with every passing day. 

5.Create Instagram Guides:

Do you know what is trending the most on Instagram lately? Instagram guides. Instagram guides are all about sharing some educational and exciting content on Instagram. It is nothing but a simple way that offers the following:

  • Useful tips to use a product or service
  • Recommendation related to latest products and services

An IG guide can include the following details:

  • Introduction
  • Title
  • Text
  • Headers
  • Well-curated videos and images

You can share Instagram guides in your stories, DMs, etc. So, if you happen to curate some high-quality Instagram guides, you will surely gain real Instagram followers fast. 

Conclusion:Gaining real Instagram followers is a great way to give a jump start to your business. Joining Instagram engagement groups, reposting others’ content, asking customers to share their reviews, maintaining a consistent style, and create a worth-interacting Instagram guide can help you gain a strong social media presence at the end of the day.

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