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Importance of Sustainable Snacking

by Vinay Kumar

In today’s world, everyone’s schedules regularly go haywire. Workers or students, workloads have increased to massive levels, and things rarely go as planned. These problems have also been exacerbated by the pandemic where work often goes into the night and wrecks schedules. Even though their responsibilities, i.e. work and studies, are paramount to achieving career progress and their personal goals, they must take care of our diet as well. Snacking can be an essential tool to maintain their nutrition requirements. Still, one must snack responsibly by consuming low sugar snacks and avoiding snacking items that may have too much oil, trans fats, or preservatives. Along with medical reasons, snacking is also a way of treating oneself for a job well done and giving in to their desires in a regulated manner.

Snacking tends to have too much of a negative connotation at times. It is considered a symbol of obesity, addiction, and unhealthy behaviour. If not done in moderation, any other activity is usually a bad thing too and cannot be condoned. The primary driver of these stereotypes is that snacks are often composed of high-calorie-dense components such as sugar. Excessive sugar can be harmful to one’s body, especially one’s heart and blood vessels. Cases of blood sugar and diabetes are getting more and more common every day, and even affecting people of a younger age than they previously were. These reasons make it even more critical to shift the consumption to healthier alternatives such as low sugar snacks.

Snacking can be a net positive if conducted correctly and in moderation. Snacking can help one reduce weight and can be eaten consistently in much smaller portions than full meals across the day. It would allow them to regulate our nutrition intake and keep it consistent. Proper spacing out would help them regulate their intake and reduce the chances of overeating. Efficient intake is as crucial for weight loss as is one’s caloric balance.

It is essential that one effectively manage their blood sugar. A primary reason for health issues related to blood sugar is the constant upstream and downstream changes when food is digested after meals. If done in moderation and tight timelines, snacking can help one regulate our metabolic rate, which in turn keeps their heart hale and hearty. If one is to consume low sugar snacks, then this problem is redressed in a much better fashion.

Aside from all the medical reasons stated above, responsible snacking can improve one’s mood and productivity. After the body expends its energy reserves, one gets hungry, cranky, and feels tired. Tasty and healthy low sugar snacks can help one redress this problem swiftly and effectively. If the appetite is sated, then one can work and play for a longer duration. One’s mood would also be much better and stable as a result. A happy psyche would improve a person’s confidence and productivity. 

Everyone tries to work hard, fulfil their responsibilities and chart their course of life every day. Sometimes, the going gets tough, and things don’t pan out. On days like those, a suitable snack can be a lifesaver for lifting one’s spirits. Everyone has memories of getting their favourite snacks as a reward for their achievements throughout their life. Along with the medical reasons talked about above, it is essential to consider the psychological impact of just treating oneself.

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