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4 Major Fabric Types Used in the Making of Dance Clothes

by Vinay Kumar
Dance Clothes

Dance clothes are an integral part of a dancer’s routine. Dancing involves a tremendous amount of dedication and a more significant number of practice schedules. Practice makes perfect, as that old saying goes. And during these practice schedules, a dancer goes through an exceptionally high number of dancing clothes. Before the innovation in the field of fabric technology, dance clothes either ripped easily or started to discolour pretty early and even lost their elasticity. New-age dancewear promises a strong fabric designed to deal with day to day activities while managing to last long without getting discoloured or loose.  

Aiming to support dancers, they give their very best; new age dance clothes are expertly designed using Australian made materials. They are developed and studied carefully by scientists and experts to excel at function, support, style and durability. In Australia, dancewear manufacturers source their fabric materials from the numerous textile mills around the country that use the newest technology to make the best dancewear. These clothes are outstanding. Here are a few examples of the types of fabrics used to make dancewear: 

  1. Merino Wool

This is the most excellent material for dancewear. Merino wool regulates body temperature to provide a sweat-free experience throughout the routine/class. Since it is made of wool, it is very soft and supremely comfortable to wear. It is also crease-resistant, so one can wash it regularly and not worry about creases. Additionally, it is anti-odour, so one does not have to worry about smelling bad. Available in all shades and attractive drapes, this fabric is also very fashionable. 

  1. Modal

It is a dancewear that dances with the wearer. It is very soft, light and comfortable. It weighs practically nothing and is made with fabric that is tear-resistant and smooth for the body. It is made from the beech tree’s fibres, and it is easy to wash, easy to dry and easy to use every day. The apparel is very breathable, giving dancers comfort. 

  1. Ultra Fleece

It is a flexible, twice knit fabric from the best fleece. It has a great shape retention property. It has a comfortable yet durable build and is highly breathable. This fabric is made from natural cotton and some amount of recycled polyester. It is very warm and is ideal dancewear for those late-night winter rehearsals. It is so fashionable that one can even use this as comfy winter clothing.

  1. Eco Breathe

This is an eco-friendly dancewear made with cotton blend and bamboo fibres. It brings in the best of both worlds. It is very soft, like a baby’s cheek and is also excellent at maintaining moisture. It is probably the most durable and is designed to withstand extreme wear and tear, thanks to the bamboo blend since bamboo is a very strong plant. It is antibacterial, making it anti-odour as well. It is breathable and crease-resistant. It prioritises comfort over everything.

Every material used in the making of dance clothes is put together with precision and passion to ensure that every stitch and cut stands out as the best in quality. This fabric guarantees 360-degree movement and is customised to deliver at every platform in a dancer’s career. From a dancer’s first dance class warm-up to the first international dance tour, new age dancewear exists to serve reliably and serve for a long time.

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